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Make Noise 7U 104EurorackPrivate
main rack CURRENT REVERSE by makerEurorackPrivate
main rack CURRENT REVERSE 5/6/24EurorackPrivate
main rack CURRENT 168 + 140EurorackPrivate
main rack CURRENT 5/6/24Eurorack
main rack 2024 new ideas 5/24EurorackPrivate
62HP Pallette (copy)Eurorack
main rack YET ANOTHER update 2024 MayEurorack
42HP Pico ?EurorackPrivate
7U BLACK Suitcase Synthesizer idea 2EurorackPrivate
7U 84HP Silver Case 4/24 (copy)Eurorack
62HP PalletteEurorack
90hp wood case ZLOBEurorack
80hp Karltron (K2 case)Eurorack
7U 84HP Silver Case 4/24Eurorack
portable 35mm 42EurorackPrivate
60HP MST caseEurorack
MAKE NOISE standardEurorack
main rack 2024 updates 4/24Eurorack
7U 84HP Silver CaseEurorack
Make Noise 2x140Eurorack
main rack Feb 2024 no MNEurorackPrivate
UNUSED MODULES 84HP rackEurorackPrivate
full analog systemsEurorackPrivate
main rack 2024 new ideas 1/28/24EurorackPrivate
7U Erica DIY Suitcase Synthesizer ideaEurorackPrivate
main rack 2024 - oldEurorack
main rack 20231010 ideaEurorackPrivate
UNUSED MODULES 2024 (top row sellable)EurorackPrivate
Behringer System 55+Eurorack
main rack 20231003EurorackPrivate
My MutablesEurorackPrivate
main rackEurorackPrivate
39 HP portableEurorackPrivate
System 100 2x140Eurorack
ZLOB modular 36x2EurorackPrivate
Barton RackEurorack
90hp KarltronEurorack
60HP Test Mewsic Box 4UEurorack

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Collection 519 modules

Thomas Henry's 555-VCO, Mikrophonie, DS-M, MST 4-Channel Audio / CV Mixer, MST Dual 2164 VCA, MST VC Low Pass Filter, BMC034 Switched Resistor VCF, BMC006 Barton Voltage to Rhythm Converter, Even VCO, BMC012 Stepped CV Generator, ZeroScope, BMC020 One Song, 3U DIY 2HP Eurorack Blank Panel, Joystick, AI002 Mixer, AI003 Looping Envelope Generator, Pamela's NEW Workout, Tune, Disting mk4, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), Attenumixer, MinEq, BMC050 Manual Voltages, BMC011 Waveform Animator, Hamara Labs Triple Attenuverter Mixer v2 (TAM), AI004 OTA VCF, Plaits, Passive Mult, SYSTEM 100 110 VCO/VCF/VCA, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, System 100 121 Dual VCF, SYSTEM 100 130 DUAL VCA, Boynuz Blank(bw), Boynuz Blank, BMC018, Entropy2, AI006 Stomp Box Adapter, Event, Sound Study Kontact MIC, 卡拉OK! Karaoke Delay , Random Sequencer, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, Nostalgia, Dual Mini Sequencer, Waveform Magazine Gateway Oscilloscope, Diode Chaos, Waveform Magazine DIY Delay, Hilbert curve fractal blank panel, Hilbert curve fractal blank panel, CP1-A, Waveform Magazine The Switchenator , Shades (2020), Thomas Henry Bass++, Entropy Expander, Skew Fade LFO(B/W), SVF(B/W), Triple Cap Chaos, DATA (SILVER), TearApartTapes Mixer8 - 4x4, Helix Blank, MiniAtt(B/W), BMC046 Digital Noise - synthCube, Digital HiHat - synthCube, BMC055 Sallen-Key VCF, VID PIX, BMC043 4X Decay, Brains, VC F3DB, AstroNoise Eurorack Module, MIX, TearApartTapes Clock Divider V2, VnIcursal VCA (Classic Panel), ADAPT 1/4, AI022 Harmonic Mixer Silver, Waveform Magazine Meow Mixer, Waveform Magazine Buffered Mult, Waveform Magazine Passive Headphone Mixer, Power UP, BMC088 PWM VCA/BLEND, BMC086 Diode High Pass Filter, BMC073 4 Knob Noise and Tones, BMC068 Unity Mixer, BMC066 2x3 Buffer, BMC069 Gate to Trigger, BMC091 10 Band Equalizer, BMC085 2X Voltage Controlled LFO, BMC053 Four Quadrant Multiplier and Panner, BMC090 Wave Pulse Animator, BMC080 Diode LP Filter, BMC003 Barton CV Arpeggiator Clarke Panel, BMC032 Blended Bandpass - synthCube, BMC023 Decaying Analog Noise, BMC010 Dual Decaying Noise, BMC004 CV Master Clock/Divider, BMC078 Infrared Input, BMC070 Trigger to Gate Converter, Ripples - Magpie white panel, WAV Trigger, BMC054 Stereo Outputs, BMC054x Stereo Output Expander, BMC056 Utility Buttons, DUAL VCO(B/W), Dual VCA, BMC021 Full Wave Dual Rectifier, BMC022 Auto-Seq, BMC016 Dual Nice Quantizer (Clarke68 panel), BMC052 Chordizer, BMC061 Voltage Controlled Multiplexer, BMC028 Live Rhythm Quantizer, BMC079 Rise/Fall Detector, BMC015 VCA/Mixer, BMC077 Parallel DAC, BMC064 Decade Counter, BMC063 Binary Counter/Divider, BMC045 Programmable Router, BMC031 QTLFO, BMC059 MULTIPWM, BMC033 4046 Shaper, BMC082 Triangle Frequency Doubler, BMC013 Random Resonator, Performance VCO LMNC #1222 Analog Oscillator, BMC083 VC Delay, BMC087 VC Release, BMC014 Gate Delay/Looper, Radio Music (Black Panel), BMC035 Bytewise Operator Oscillosaurus, uO_C, BMC019 Delaying AR Generator, BMC057 Gated Slew, BMC008 Multi Window Comparator, BMC001 Simple Quantizer 1U, BMC017 2LFOSH 1U, Neutron (1966 Panel), mmMidi, Low Coast, Kinks, BMC038 Panel Keyboard (custom panel), BMC041 CV Spreader (custom panel), BMC048 Single Random Rhythm (custom panel), BMC089 Transposer (custom panel), Black MIDI-CV v2, MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch, MSK 011 Transistor Mixer, Żłob Modular Push VCA, BMC058 YES/NO/MAYBE, BMC084 2 Channel V2R, BMC042 Simple AR, BMC067 4X Voltage Inverter, BMC072 4IN 3OUT Logic Gates, BMC030 External/Guitar Input, BMC024 MIDI 2 GATE 4HP, BMC071 Dual SR Latches, BMC065 3IN 4OUT Logic gates, BMC081 4X gate inverter, MSK011 Transistor Mixer, Bessel Dual 1X4 Passive Mult, Verb, BMC040 Dual Logic, BMC062 Simple Blend, BMC075 Envelope Follower, BMC060 Toggle Quantizer, BMC029 Single Multiplier/Divider, BMC093 Diode Shaper VCA, BMC047 Balanced XLR Outputs, BMC076 Common Logic Gates, BMC044 4 Knob Sequencer, BMC049 Attenuverting Mixer, BMC051 Preset Rhythms, MSK008 VC Octave Switch, MSK010 Fixed Sine Bank, BMC094 Balanced Outputs, BMC027 Random Rhythm, BMC043 4X Decay - Custom Panel, BMC025 FM Drum, BMC018 Analog Drum, BMC023 Decaying Analog Noise, BMC026 Rando Chordo, BMC009 User Writable Quantizer, DIY Bassline, DIY Delay, DIY BBD Delay, DIY Polivoks-inspired VCA, DIY Polivoks-inspired VCO, DIY Modulator, DIY Output module, DIY Polivoks VCF, DIY Envelope Generator, DIY Mixer, SWAMP, BMC092 Sample Release, BMC095 NOR Sub Harmonizer, MST Stereo Output Mixer, MST Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), MST Dual AD/ASR Envelope Generator, MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF, MSK 009 Coiler VCF, MSK 006 Exponential VCA, MSK 002 Asuka and Shinji, uO_C | squares and circles, BMC097 Rectifier and Recombiner, BMC099 Dual AR Generator, BMC037 Eurorack Buffer, The Postman EG , Full Wave Rectifier and Noise output, BMC074 Attenuate Offset Invert , Dual APC, 555x2, BMC085 2X Voltage Controlled LFO, BMC015 VCA Jr., BMC066 2x3 Buffer Jr., MST VC LFO, LoFi Looper, BMC039 Step Rhythm, BMC073 4 Knob Dual Delaying Noise, MST Noise / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold, SYSTEM 100 172 PHASE SHIFTER/AUDIO DELAY/GATE DELAY/LFO, SYSTEM 100 150 RING MOD/NOISE/ S&H/LFO, SYSTEM 100 173 QUAD SIGNAL GATE/ PATCH BAY, SYSTEM 100 297, SYSTEM 100 305 EQ/MIXER/OUTPUT, BMC099 Dual AR Jr., BMC103 Clipper Bank, The Postman Jr., BMC100 Deluxe Decaying Analog Noise, BMC101 Electret Microphone, BMC102 Synchronized Resonator , AI106 West Coast Mixer Silver, AI017 Low Pass Gate Silver/Red, AI007 Quad Voltage Controlled Mixer VCA, AI011 Analog VCO, BMC098 Toggle Router, Clock, CMP, TM2, Saws, AD/AR, spVCF, uVCO, Tube, VCA, Mult, BMC003x Expander - DAR Edition, Synthcard, BMC006 Voltage to Rhythm Converter V2, BMC049 5 Channel Attenuverting Mixer, FOUR LFO, BMC004 Clock Divider Jr., LOUD SPEAKER, Shades (Magpie "Black Mirror" Panel), Dual Delay, CP3A-M Mixer, BMC104 Parallel Melody Generator, Synthcard LFO version, Threeler, Muxlicer, Chopping Kinky, Rampage, AI006 Dual Stomp Box Interface, Shady, Fay, SoundFlask Dual Rectify, SoundFlask Bunsen, SoundFlask Pipet, SoundFlask Ring, SoundFlask Adder, SoundFlask Crucible, SoundFlask Pestle, SoundFlask Buret, Catch, Cyllene, FRANZ, Switched Multiple, Feed V2, GIVE, LFOT, Tricay, Links, 4093 CHAOS NAND (black panel), Foldiplier, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), AI012 Wave Animator Silver, Pingable Envelope Generator, uBraids (Magpie white panel), 2LFOSH BMC017 , Shelves (PCB Panel), Shelves Expander (PCB Panel), Ripples (PCB Panel), Marbles, Rings, Tides (2014 version), Twiigs, EuroKastle, Delay, Reverb, Clanches, Edges Expander, Mutable Instruments Elements - Magpie black panel, Yarns , Edges (PCB Panel), Peaks DIY Black Alu panel, Peaks, Frames (PCB Panel), Streams (PCB Panel), Blinds (PCB Panel), Magpie Modular - μBraids, Monsoon Mutable Instruments Clouds (Black Magpie), disting EX, Tiny MIDI breakout TMB, Blades, Ears, MSK 003 Ring modulator, Otto MIDI, Veils (2020), Sheep (PCB Panel), CVpal, Ripples (2020), Stages Black Panel, FC313 - 24HP, Noise Tools 1U, 1U Diff-Rect, 1U Signum, 1U PiLLs, 914, 904A, 923, 904B, 921B, sequential switch 962, 921, 903A, 994, 992, 902, 921A Oscillator Driver, 911A, 911, 995, 961, Branches (Black Panel), uO_C, BMC096 4LFO, BMC105 JFET Phaser, ES-9, DSO150 EuroScope v2.0, 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter, AI024 X Filter, Squid Salmple, AXON-1, BMC106 Resonant Glide, BMC107 Dual Comparator w/ Logic, Mimeophon, Morphagene, Maths v2 (Grayscale black panel), Tempi, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Pet Rock, QPAS, Rene Mk2, Mult, Pressure Points, XPO, Erbe-Verb (black panel), DXG, X-Pan, XOH, modDemix (black panel), Optomix (black panel), STO (Black and Gold), MATHS (black panel), LANGE ANNA, ANNAS LANGER ARM 3U, UIT, Pico Trigger, Function, Quadrangle, Quadra, Eudemonia, Spectraphon, 4hp Blank Panel, 6hp blank, Utter Decay, Utopia, E352 Cloud Terrarium, CLOQ, Sampling modulator, CEX, SubMix7, FONT, Telharmonic, Maths, Echophon (black panel), TEMPS Utile /// Master Clock /// Black & Gold Panel, uJove, DPO (white knobs), Blender, Quad-Atten, Melotus Versio, Momo Modular Pachinko (Magpie Modular Panel), HONEYEATER, Dynamix, Contour (blue knobs), Chord Organ, Hysteria v1.1, Pachinko (Black), Brains, Grids MI clone, Mysteron, Pamela's PRO Workout, Pons Asinorum (Black), DPO, Optomix, Phonogene, Echophon, Rosie, STO, Erbe-Verb, Optomix rev2 2016, Echophon (white knobs), STO (white knobs), Function (2024 Black & Gold), Metropolix, Warps, Clep Diaz (Black), Chipz, Mixup, Engine, Viol Ruina, Loquelic Iteritas, Rainmaker, Cellz, DPO (black panel), Black & Gold Contour Panel, μScale [v1], Warps (Magpie "Black Mirror" Panel), Roti Pola (Black), Scales, Mimetic Digitalis, Plonk, Zeroscope 1U, Multi-FX 1U, Passive LPG 1U, Headphones 1U, Tymp Legio, MFX, Logoi Black, Delay No More 3, Batumi, HPO, SINGER, Quad VCA, Zadar, SLOPES, MCO, Euphoria, Dystopia, Ataxia, Poti, Tangle Quartet, ASQ-1, Queen of Pentacles (silver), Furthrrrr Generator (black), Bin Seq (Black), Mimetic Digitalis (Black), O/A/x2, Radio Music, Quantus Ampla, Basimilus Iteritas Alia, Startup (grey panel), Bongo Fury, Triple Sloth white panel, Duatt, Circadian Rhythms, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, Rotating Clock Divider V2, SCM Breakout V2, RCD Breakout v1.1, Two Of Cups (black), Akemie's Castle, Shapeshifter, Pip Slope (mk II), STEREO SUM, A-179-2, Triple Sloths, PPEXP2, Godspeed (black), Veils (PCB Panel), Airstreamer, Boss Bow Two, AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer, Belgrad, Mini PEG, Nin, CONTROL FORGE, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, A-196, Mutamix, A-110-1, CV Bus Mk2, E355 Morphing Dual LFO, Jumble Henge, A-199, Erfurt, Drezno II, Lipsk, Dixie II+, A-124 SE, Atten-V, A-136, A-110-4 SE, Kamieniec, Line Out (Black Panel), Clock (Black Panel), CLKDV, Bytom, Midiverse Modular - Attenuators, Midiverse Modular - Switches and A-137-1

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