26 HP
44 mm deep
Current Draw
195 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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Dual Complex Wavetable VCO

At the core of this module is very powerful FPGA board that has been pushed to the absolute max of its capabilities and crammed full of features. We wanted to create a module that really worked well in the modular context so there are a lot of modulation and control possibilities.


preset sequencing and morphing
extremely high resolution TZFM
delay based resonator,
64-band vocoder mode
special audio rate modulation modes (MOD A)
analog wavefolder
extensive sync, pulse and mod B options
detuneable 8-note chords and tons more


Each VCO can select from 128 banks of wavetables, each with 8 individual 512-sample waveforms for a total of 1024 waves.
The choice of waveform within the currently selected bank is under voltage control. There is smooth interpolation between the waveforms within a bank, allowing a very wide range of different possible waveshapes.


Oscillator 1 can be operated in a CHORD mode, which runs 8 copies of the oscillator in parallel with adjustable detuning, leading to very fat, rich waveforms. The oscillators have extensive modulation capabilities including audio rate (98KHz) Frequency and Phase Modulation (FM and PM) via external sources. Non-linear combination processes allow the outputs of the two oscillators to interact to generate complex timbres and sonic textures.
There are 64 user selectable chords.


The SHAPESHIFTER module also includes the analog wave folder circuitry from the uFold module to add analog warmth and metallic rasps to the digital oscillator output. External signals can also be patched in.


The module includes a sophisticated preset mode where panel settings can be stored. There are 12 user-programmable preset slots and another 52 volatile slots that can be used as a scratchpad. These scratchpad slots are initialized to interesting presets on module powerup. The capabilities of the preset mode is not limited to mere passive storage of settings, however. In this mode the user can also step through, or sequence, the settings, either in order or randomly in response to pulses input to the external sync input. This gives the user the ability to generate complex sequences of sounds. The preset mode also allows the user to morph between the current panel settings and a preset providing a very powerful real-time performance tool.


8 Different sync modes: HARD, SOFT, REV, HOLD, BUMP, 2=1, 1=2, OFF with the ability to internally sync to a sub oscillator


User selectable modes for the PULSE output: OR, AND, XOR, GLCH, +OSC1, EOC, +OSC2, -OSC2

MOD A modes: (audio rate modulation)

MOD B options (all with CV control):
-Combo modes for OSC1 and OSC2:
-Waveform TILT
-Chord mode overdrive
-Delay depth and FB
-Percussive mode decay time


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