18 HP
42 mm deep
Current Draw
250 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$655 Price in €

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Granular processor

In 2019 the launch of the arbhar heralded a new generation of granular processing in Eurorack. Sampled audio could be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed, and layered for an endless range of audio manipulation ranging from seamless frozen tones to mutated acousmatic madness. Each grain sounds with its defined specifications. When modulation is used, the “per-grain parameter” definition allows for true polyphonic layering.

With the introduction of firmware version 2 (2023) comes a complete rewrite of the entire codebase to implement both technical and conceptual improvements that will enhance the entire user experience of arbhar. We have ensured that the overall feel of the module has been preserved as much as possible. Advances in efficiency and expanded features will allow arbhar to explore many more sonic and musical spaces.

Meet the Lexer Method V2

arbhar | ˈɑɾˠuːɾˠ | noun (envelope) a containing structure or layer, a curve joining the successive peaks of a modulated wave

Granular processor Arbhar V2
* Up to 88 sounding polyphonic grains between two granular engines
* Mono and stereo input configurations
* Six 10 second individual audio buffers
* 1 volt per octave pitch tracking
* On-board random pitch deviation and grain direction probability
* Scan Mode, Follow Mode, and Wavetable Mode
* Stereo pan, feedback delay, and reverb configurations
* Built-in condenser microphone
* Analogue input preamplifier and limiter
* USB import and export functionality
* Audio analysis with onset detection for automatic audio capturing
* User-definable configuration file for complete instrument customization
* Includes 2 HP passive CV Expansion module, 2 HP Passive USB Expansion module and 4GB USB flash drive

Quickstart Guide for V2:
Arbhar V2 Manual:

For comparision here is the V1 feature list.
Two granular engines available simultaneously:
1. controlled by intensity and grain length settings (up to 24 grains)
2. externally triggered grains (up to 20 grains)
Manual and automatic playhead control for granular textures and time stretched audio playback (Scan/Follow mode)
Sampling wavetable oscillator
6 sample buffers (10 second record time each)
Built in condenser microphone
Dedicated analogue input pre-amplifier
Audio onset analysis for automatic capture control
LED display for amplitude, length, scan, spray
Trigger out
Forward/Reverse grain playback probability control
Internal random/quantised pitch modulation
1V/OCT cv pitch control
Dynamic grain windowing
Included 2HP CV expander for additional CV control


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