4 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
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Multicore Signal Connector

A-180-9 can be used to connect up to 14 audio or control signals between different cases using standard RJ45 network cables. It can be used to pre-patch different cases and connect common signals (e.g. clock, start/stop, master CV) using only one or two RJ45 cables instead of 14 individual patch cables.

The module is fully passive (i.e. no power required) and simply wires the 14 sockets to the pins of the RJ45 connectors. The upper RJ45 connector is wired to the eight sockets 1-8, the lower to the six sockets A-F. The two sections are discrete and can be connected to different cases if desired.

Doepfer packages these modules in pairs with two 0.5m RJ45 cables included. Alternative cables can be used but these must be shielded types to ensure the common GND connection is present. The signal transmission performance achieved depends upon the lengths and the quality/shielding of the cables used. Doepfer recommends the use of CAT7 or CAT8 cables.

Due to the potential for crosstalk between neighbouring channels a little ‘trial and error’ experimentation is required to obtain the best results with these modules. Doepfer recommends separating audio signals from digital signals e.g. by using the upper section for audio and CV and the lower section for digital.


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