8 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
100 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

Multi-Functional DSP Module - Drums, Makro-Oscillators, Multi Effect

squares-and-circles is an alternative firmware for ornament & crime (uO_C), targeting Teensy 4.

●︎ Concept

Similar to Monomachine and Machinedrum here we have basically 4 configurable tracks. Each track can be assigned with a synthesizer machine, controlled by a trigger and CV input. As there are mono and stereo machines, the generated audio signal is routed to one or two neighbor DAC outputs by default. E.g you can chain the mono audio signal from an oscillator machine to the neighbor fx-machine with stereo-outputs.

■ Machines

  • GND
    • ---
  • CV
    • V/OCT, LFO, Envelope
  • Drums
    • Analog-BD, Analog SD, Analog HH, Analog HH2
    • 909ish-BD, 909ish-SD, TR909-CH-OH, TR909-OH, TR909-Ride
    • 808ish-BD, 808ish-SD, 808ish-CH-OH, 808ish-HiHat
    • TR707, TR707-CH-OH
    • FM-Drum
    • Djembe
    • Clap
  • M-OSC
    • Waveforms
    • Virt.Analog, Waveshaping, FM, Grain, Additive, Wavetable, Chord
    • Resonator
  • Stereo-FX
    • Reverb, Rev-Dattorro, Delay, Gated-Reverb, Reverb-HP-LP
    • LPC, SAM

□︎●︎ Demos



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