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Light and VideoEurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Jul24)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Deurne Jun24)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Apr24)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Asten 20231209)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Nov23)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Sep23) (copy)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Sep23)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Zebra - Aug23)Eurorack
3x 104hp Demo GeldropEurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Gonz Gouda - May23)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Jan 23)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Nov 22)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Bunker-Sep22)Eurorack
4x 126 Live Set-Up (Nov 21)Eurorack
Modules of Days PastEurorackPrivate
Forget Me NotEurorack
For SaleEurorack

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Collection 212 modules

twinOUT, Bass Drum, METRON, Peaks, PWR Checker - RED edition, HATS909, A-183-9, Pico RND, Pico DSP, Pamela's NEW Workout, HiHats A, Cymbals, Kickall, A-138n, Sample Drum, Quadrax, Plaits, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, HN VCF, Tallin, Dixie II+, Clep Diaz, A-145-4, Chopping Kinky, LxD (Low Strike Duo), A-151v, Optodist, Dual FX, VOLTERA, Disting mk4, Pexp-1, FX AID_black, Mimeophon, 3x Stereo Mixer, VM-1S (grey) , SYNTHESIZER BOX, MSCL, Performance mixer, HiPass, The Jellyfish, Performance Buffered Mult, Buff Mult, Receive 2, PRE CR, Squeeze, PRE BX, Pique, x0x heart Eurorack Module, SY0.5, A-160-2, Mutant Bassdrum, SWT16+, Tessitura Tailor, Time Apprentice, MinEq, SVF(B/W), SN, Audio I/O 1U, Euclid (Black Panel), Beast's Chalkboard, S-180 8-Step Sequencer, S-183 CV-8/2 outputs ...for S-180, Q-010 Easy Quantizer (W/Y/R knobs), USB Power 1U, Micro Sequence, ENVF, ERROR DRUM ! , u4R, CASSA L.E.P., LepLOOP CASSA, FX AID, HiHats D, Hexpander, Hexmix, CP, BD, BLD-2, Multi-FX 1U, DUAL VCA 1U, Noise Tools 1U, Quadratt 1U, u3A, Transmit 2, Pique (uPeaks, Black, 1U Intellijel Format), Pico Quant, TM, Pluck, A-138i, Trigger Riot, BLM Arcade Kick, ADM12 Neuron, Pico Logic, ADDAC103 T-Networks, ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster, ADDAC207, FX AID XL, Ripples (2020), Twiigs, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), Domino, Super Sawtor, COPYCAT ( patchingpanda ), LS1lightstrip, Desmodus Versio, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (Black), A-180-9, Voltage Block, Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter "Dark Edition", MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO "Dark Edition", Alan, Pequeño Interruptor, Pedal I/O 1U, Morcom, EZSQ prototype, Flip, Four Channel Mixer (Black Panel), Buffered Signal Multiplier (White Panel), Bass Drum (Black Panel), Steppy 1U, Black Sequencer, Pulsar, Filter 8, Twin waves, A-140-2, Knight's Gallop, Zularic Repetitor, Seek, PUNK, Variable Delay (Black Panel), Low Pass Filter (Black Panel), Mono Reverb (White Panel), Golden Master 1U (silver), Marbles, Grone Drone Synth, THREE SISTERS, Ooots, BaxandallEQ, A-182-2, EX Pexp-2, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , TB-EFA, TB-O, Rack Plumber 1U - Silver, Can I kick it?, Mini Drive, TABOR, Nermal, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), Volts (Black), ochd, Milky Way 1U (black), 1uO_c - 4Robots (Black), CRATER, Surface, Entity Ultra-Kick, WL Attenuator, SYSTEM-500 512, XR22 VCO FT, ADSR, Ripples V2 / Mutable clone, Chimera, Octalink 1U, Phoreo Black, Stoicheia Black, Sinc Bucina, Multiple (White Panel), Imitor Versio, Metropolix, STMix (DIY Kit), Percall, ABC (Aluminum), LXR eurorack module, Melotus Versio, FATMOOG, Noise 1u, Manis Iteritas, White Rabbit, Elmyra 2, Ataraxic Iteritas, Cinnamon - Black, Athrú, Ghost (black), A-111-5v, Pamela's PRO Workout, Nijel, Glue, Chord v2, Pique 1.1, 4HP Peaks with optional CV control, Kompas, Pixel Dust, DTM, ATT, Particles, 3AT, UseLess, ODDS, Bassline, IDUM, Constellation, Burst, Eloquencer, Tymp Legio, Battering Ram, Radical22, Algorhythm, USTA, Sibilla, Chainsaw, Prizma mkII (black), Roucha Legio, SD1simpledrum and SY1 Synesthesia

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