10 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
130 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$325 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Analog drum module


A faithful 1:1 recreation of a single channel of the Pearl Syncussion SY-1. The circuit uses all modern versions of original parts (all the opamps are still in production!) and equivalent parts for out of production parts.


10 HP
Current Draw: +12V 130 mA, -12V 20 mA
Output at eurorack levels
CV modulation of Decay Time
CV modulation of Filter Cutoff
CV Modulation of OSC pitch
OSC Mode can be selected by 0-5V CV OR can be advanced with a gate signal (2 modes)
Quiet, linear power supply (no switchers)


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