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Simple Rack all 84_LONG wioEurorack
Simple Rack all 84_HelpEurorack
Simple Rack all 84_LONG (copy)Eurorack
Simple Rack all 84 power useEurorackPrivate
Simple Rack all 84_LONGEurorack
Simple Rack all 84 (copy) (copy)Eurorack
Simple Rack all 84 TallEurorack
Simple Rack all 84 (copy)Eurorack
Simple Rack all 104 all I ownEurorack
Simple Rack all 104Eurorack
Simple Rack allEurorack
Simple Rack help condenseEurorack
Simple Rack helpEurorack
Simple Rack Extended AltEurorack
Simple Rack What I haveEurorack
Simple Rack Extended NEW plus wishlist3Eurorack
Simple Rack Extended NEW with wishlistEurorack
Simple Rack COMPACTEurorack
Simple Rack Extended NEW plus wishlist2Eurorack
Simple Rack Extended NEWEurorack
All that I use to ownEurorack
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Simple RackEurorack

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Collection 272 modules

Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, μScale [v2], Polivoks VCF, Ripples (PCB Panel), Manis Iteritas (Black), 808 Kick Drum , Leo Leo - The Matrix Programmer, TB-Super-O, 2V2 Dual Analog Oscillator, DrumKastle, TROMMELMASCHINE, Product, Mutant snare (original colour), SDS_VCO, Kraken, SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER 960, Bard Quartet, SEEDS, BE2N, Mod+, Voltage Controlled & Sequential Switch, Synthola 2nd Row, Synthola/Quantola, VOLTAGE RUNNER, H1 Analog Harmonizer, B2 Kick Drum / Bass Voice, Chord v2, Sawmill, Helical, SWAMP, Mod Medusa - Mork black panel, Elements, Plonk, Water, Eudemonia, A-196, Flurry, Wogglebug, Sampling modulator, Burst, Rampage, Dominus dual VCO (white), LANIAKEA, TAROT, Zaar, Quanalog BouBou, Absinthe, MODAX (Elements Clone), Archer's Rig, Pianophonic, Mûmack, Quarks, Singularity, CV Arpeggiator + Expander, 6080 VCO, Chord Organ (black panel), Chainsaw, QQ2, Quad Quantizer, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster, SYSTEM 100 110 VCO/VCF/VCA, Micrón, Proteo, JCS Voltage Controlled Filter, Shifty, Nano Rand v2, SSH, VC LFO, Dual LFO, HH/CY-522, A-160-2, 3x MIA, A-185-2, Paradox, System 100 121 Dual VCF, Dual "Dreadful" VCF, State Machine, Morgasmatron, Panharmonium, Twin Waves MkII, Poly Cinematic, Castor & Pollux II, Grone Drone 2, AI012 Wave Animator Black, SEQ-03 Step Sequencer, Universal Event Generator, FIELD KIT FX, Bleeding Hearts, Bartos Flur II, Hyperchaos Deluxe, WONK, 333-Vca4Mix, Fatkeys™ VCF, MUN, De-Escalate, Helvetica Scenario, Digital Filter Simulator, Choral Generator, 1U PiLLs (black panel), Tracky Dacks, TearApartTapes - Dive Bomb III, Nermal, Lord Of The Wah, VCA, Plucked String (White Panel), AD110 Analog Drums, Noise Plethora, Time Wizard, ADDAC405 VC Relabi Generator, Via SYNC, SLOPES, Little Melody, Frankinkstides, BMC104 Parallel Melody Generator, Punch MG, SUM MIX & PAN, Laka, Akropoli, Logic Bomb, XVCF TWO, State 700 Mk.2, Whiteface, Orgone Drum Cloudbusting 2, Chronograf, FM Einheit, ClockDivider, 3to1 Precision Adder Unity, Fuse, INFLUENCER, xVox Harmonic Pitch Shifter , Kaseta (Black), Plague Bearer PB-K v2.0 (PB-1v4 circuit), Forbidden Planet, Elmyra 2, Sibilla, Parasite Antifilter, BLM CMOS FX Processor Mk2, weather drones 1.5, Chordizer, Tymp Legio (Silver), Zaar (White panel), Telepathy, CV Thing, M/DIV, Quadrangle white version, GATES, veggie griller, GOOD & EVIL, Werner, QARV, HexMix VCA, TEX MIX - 4 Mono Channels, Melanzane, SMR4P Black Edition, Algorhythm, Mod Medusa, Radioactive, Mutagen, SERIAL, Messed Up, Phoreo Black, Logoi Black, Little Nerd, Cinnamon (BKMPanel), Pathogen, spanky eurorack, IMAGINARY FRIEND eurorack, Cloudbusting Gold XP 2021 Black Gold, Attenuator, Clock Divider, Little Nerd (Magpie panel), Desmodus Versio (Silver), Klang, ANGELO, Sampler, IF120 - Chaotica, Mobius PiLL, Digital Filter Simulator, Ian Fritz's Hypster, Simple Gates, Muxlicer, SVF, Plague Bearer PB-1E, Timber - Black, Orgone Accumulator DIY, VCF-3, Angle Grinder (Black), Multi CTRL, ALSTADEN, A-121s, Cause & Effect, ToolBox, Poodle Face, BMC34 Switched Resistor VCF, BMC070 Trigger to Gate Converter, 923, blossom ブロッサム, Sample and Hold, SYSTEM 100 150 RING MOD/NOISE/ S&H/LFO, Stylophone CPM DS-2, Coral, The Wave Transformer, Tetrad - Prototype, Tukra, Path, SHIFT (6HP Turing Machine), SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, T-SEQUENCER, Super Sixteen, SGR1806-20, QUADTEC-101, Horror Show, Cosmic Background, Trilobite, vhikk, Orgone Accumulator Retail, BRAP SY1, Trinity, Orgone Accumulator V3 (SMD), Tempête Magnétique, Night Rider, Dual CS-20 VCF, SF1 Dual / Stereo Filter, Moon Phase (silver), Engine V2, Black & Gold DPO Panel, twinCussion, OBERHAUSEN, OCTOROT SUPREME, C Quencer, meloDICER, C Quencer MINI, Turing Machine Mk I (Magpie Black Mirror expanded panel), Turing Machined, SIG+ 4 Track Stochastic Inspiration Generator, Atlas, Jupiter Spirits, Arpitecht (black panel), Achordion, SHIKENSA, DE-10 Health, DE-8 – BENEATH THE BUSH OF GHOSTS, Data Bender, Warps, Nautilus, Dark Matter, Endless Processor (both panels), Electus Versio, Melotus Versio, Matter II, Wave Swarm, Slice - Black Panel, CUTTING ROOM FLOOR v3, Atoner, Thruster Kit, Entropy Cannon, Waveslicer, Veno-Echo, DE-14 Distorted Light, DE-15 Svalbard, Fourier (black), Brinta, Time Machine, Kammerl Beat Repeat Panel for Clouds (White) by North Coast Modular Collective, Infinitely Maybe, BMC022 Auto-Seq, BMC003 Barton CV Arpeggiator Clarke Panel, BMC013 - Random Resonator (Oscillosaurus Panel), Voltage to Rhythm Converter, Quantoct Quad Quantizer and Dual Nice Quantizer
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