3 HP
45 mm deep
Current Draw
41 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$130 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Mini 16 Waveform VCO w/ Envelope+VCA+Quantizing

This tiny and unique VCO blurs the established lines between digital and analog VCO's having a unique sound and features which sets it apart from any other.

The SDS_VCO is 3HP, has a built-in envelope generator with Attack, Decay/Sustain, Release and analog VCA, dimmed VU meter, and 16 CV selectable / offsettable waveforms:

0 Sine
1 Triangle
2 Sawtooth Up
3 Sawtooth Down
4 Square
5 PWM Pulse
6 Noise
7 Double Sine
8 Sine+Triangle
9 Sine+Harmonics
10 Sine+Square
11 Sine+PWM
12 Triangle+Noise
13 Custom 1 (manual knobs)
14 Custom 2 (manual knobs)
15 Custom 3 (manual knobs+Audio wave recorder)

There is also a built-in Quantizer with 16 scales (including no quantizing) and Root Key + CV offset via the MOD input.
The MOD CV commonly modulates different aspects depending on the selected waveform, pulse-width, mix, noise, or phase variation.
MOD CV can also be turned on to be an offset to Envelope attack and/or decay, and/or 16 semi-tone key offset, and/or a waveform selector.

Continuous recording of the MOD CV input will use the last 3 seconds when MOD function is switched to be something else (i.e. CV select Waves or Quantization key offset, attack, decay control), so the modulation will continue. The ends are matched & stitched for smooth transition. Of the 3 custom waveforms, drawn by tweaking two knobs, one can be directly recorded to. These custom waveforms, as well as all settings are saved for the next power-up.

Another feature is the +1 Octave switch and a 0-15 root key offset for zero volts. i.e. If you want "A" to be at zero volts, or "C".

An optional CV->MIDI interface board can be added for $20 (including patch to standard MIDI jack). This will play MIDI notes on any MIDI channel in sync with notes playing on the VCO, so can simply be a CV/Gate to MIDI note converter.

Future Firmware updates easily using audio mp3 file from browser, iphone, mp3 player etc.

Optional free panel back to expand out to 4HP (white or black)

DIY Version: Includes all PCB's (pre-mounted SMD's) headers, knobs & jacks $95
-*Note that processors are pre-programmed but once finished, module must be calibrated with DVM and accurate Voltage source

New: Planned Firmware alternates!

Now available for download:
16 drum percussion kit (digitally generated percussion kick, snare, hats, bells) each with parameter controls.
Turn your SDS_VCO into a MIDI controller with control over 8 programmable instruments and 3 MIDI CC's incl. Pitchwheel for each *requires the MIDI expansion installed.
Turn your SDS_VCO into an audio Delay / FX / Distortion module with 16 DIFFERENT MODES, modulator CV, & control gate.!
-This has turned out to be a great FW Alternate so has it's own web page! See http://www.freshnelly.com/sdsvco/sdsvco-dist.htm

These Firmware's Coming soon!
Turn your SDS_VCO into a wave-rider (uses MOD input to pan through a special multi-faceted waveform)
Turn your SDS_VCO into an audio sequencer. 8 or 16 steps with waveform recording on every cycle.
-Adj.gate/lev/quant/double/release on each step, T/G step from clock or a trigger

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