12 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
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Experimental drum Synthesizer With a building and gate sequencer Touch distortion Inspired of circuit bending And pulstar-23

Only available at a reveb.com Exclusive

When envisioning and developing Spanky we had not decided whether it was going to be a dedicated drum machine or a noise synth. So we keep it open.

Spanky features the best of all worlds. It is both analog and digital, in the perfect combination. It also features long gates for more dramatic and evolving hits. Spanky is truly our most experimental drum machine (or is it a noise synth) that we have ever produced. The sound is inspired by circuit bent vintage drum machines. We poured over our collection of circuit bent vintage drum machines when designing Spanky and perfectly replicated their famous crunch and nuances.

Spanky is loaded with features, most notably a distortion touch panel right in the center. The capacitive touch panel sounds different with every user. Hold your finger on the touch panel while feeding Spanky a gate and instantly you have the perfect experimental crunchy bassline. Spanky is all about the crunch.

Spanky features six sequential clock dividers. Simply patch a division of the clock divider to one of Spanky’s inputs for an instant beat. Then build upon this beat with additional divisions patched to Spanky’s other inputs.

Spanky plays wonderfully with others. It features a clock input to sync with your other gear. There is an on/off switch to reset the drums if needed.

Don’t expect to find an 808 or 909 under Spanky’s hood. This drum machine is as experimental as they come. It is most akin to the Pulsar 23 and other circuit bent analog drum machines.

demo video s see

12 hp available in Gold


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