26 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
850 mA 5V
$538 Price in €

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Advanced sequencer & interface for your studio. Perfect for composition and live performances.

Based on the original Hermod proven workflow and keeping the same form factor, Hermod+ offers a lot of new features, and a refined, more playful interface with extended connectivity.

With its sleek design and advanced capabilities, it has been crafted to serve as the central hub of any modular setup, bridging the gap between Cv/Gate and MIDI.

Redesigned and rethought from the ground up, Hermod+ is more than just an upgrade to the original Hermod - it is a new and improved creation in its own right.

Drawing inspiration from the flagship sequencer Hapax, the device features a wide screen and a grid-based, step-by-step sequencer, as well as dedicated tracks buttons, which allow for a more streamlined and intuitive workflow.



16 tracks : 8 CV/Gate + 8 MIDI
16 patterns per tracks
Recording resolution : 96ppqn
Track length : 1/16 note to 16 bars
Automation per patterns : modulation +
pitchbend + aftertouch + sustain
Dedicated tracks buttons


Amount of projects : unlimited
Tempo : 1 to 280 BPM
Global transpose track : yes
Double project architecture
Song chain length : 64 sequences
Piano roll
Zoom max : x8
Note/gate width : 1/256 note to 16 bars
Maximum polyphony per step : 24
Row edit (polyphony editing)
Note pitch : C0 to C10
Note velocity : 0 to 127
Synchonization clock speed
Max input rate : 1/96 = 24ppqn
Max output rate : 1/96 = 24ppqn


MIDI : TRS + USB host + USB device
CV : 4x [-5V to +5V]


MIDI : TRS + USB host + USB device
CV : 8x [-5V to +5V]
GATE : 8x [0V / +5V]
Dedicated Clock port
Dedicated Reset port for transport


Width : 26HP
Depth : 20mm
Weight : 285gr (0.63lbs)
CV inputs resolution : 16-bit
CV outputs resolution : 16-bit
Display : OLED 58x16mm
SD card : microSD high speed (provided)

Note : the use of your eurorack +5V rail is configurable with a switch on the back of Hermod+

Consumption (using +5V rail) : -12V 20mA, +12V 20mA, +5V 820mA (add up to +500mA when attaching a controller on USB host)

Consumption (not using +5V rail) : -12V 20mA, +12V 400mA (add up to +220mA when attaching a controller on USB host)

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