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Module Region Price
Space station gold TUBE LDR ! Switzerland CHF120.00 
U-032 Switzerland CHF45.00 
A-145-4 Switzerland CHF60.00 
VLH - VCO's Little Helper Switzerland CHF90.00 
AHH Switzerland CHF65.00 
Ivan Switzerland CHF100.00 
Cadet X Multiplier Switzerland CHF110.00 
B-020 Bool3 – logic module Switzerland CHF45.00 
Hertz Donut Mk2 Switzerland CHF420.00 
FX AID (black & gold) Switzerland CHF160.00 

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Collection 214 modules

A-138m, A-106-6, A-148, A-150, A-154, A-155, A-185-2, A-196, Buff Mult, A-151, MMG, Toppobrillo TWF, Mr Blue (Black panel), Kabelhänger, BHWR rectifier, A-160-2, Richter Wogglebug 2014, MIX 4, VG2, A-520 4ch(in) line preamp, A-124 SE, Subharmonics Generator, LxD (Low Strike Duo), Rings, DTM, Tempi, ES-8, Mini FM Joystick (black), S-189 Trig/Gate Delay, S-090 Dual probability skipper, Ears, BASS 522, ES-6 mk2, ONE, B-020 Bool3 – logic module, A-180-9, VolcaFMeuro, Permutation (12hp black), Tromsø (Aluminum Panel), 141 , 0-Coast (Grayscale black panel), Mixup, Muton, Nebulae v2, A-540, Stages, System 100 121 Dual VCF, Z4000 NS, MicroGrids (Black Panel), Maths (white knobs), VCMC, A-182-2, Black & Gold LxD, Startup (grey panel), grids midi expander, ochd, System X Envelope, Monsoon, 0-CTRL, FX AID XL, Unity Mixer, Kamieniec, 1hp Blank Panel, BENJOLIN, MMM VCF, Sarajewo, 6hp Diode VCF Steiner 10 Stage Re-Release 2015 Fall, A-110-4 SE, A-101-2v, C-015, 106 Chorus, Quattro Figaro ALU, Rene, C101 OTA LPF, A-189-1, Twin Peak Resonator, Plaits Black & Gold Panel, ADDAC307, Beads, Metropolis 10hp Blank, T43, Harmonic Oscillator, flipanda, A-117, Mixup Black & Gold Panel, Muton Black & Gold Panel, Micro Ornament & Crime Black & Gold Panel, Stages black panel, Brains, Pressure Points, Spring Reverb Mkii Expander, Spring Reverb Mkii, U-032 , J-110 Derivator, M185 Sequencer, A-198, DROID G8 Expander, DROID, DROID P10 Controller, DROID P2B8 Controller, Blind Panel, 317VCPreA, vu-perc, X-Pan, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, Att-Off black, DMULT LED black, Mix-B Black, BMULT black, Output (jacks only) black, Output (control) black, 2hp Black 1U Blank, Foxfield GT2, 1983, Variable Q VCF Serge modular, DPO (white knobs), Nearness v3, DROID X7 Expander, 1U Sloth Chaos (black panel), VCA, Super Sawtor, Optomix rev2 2016, AGOGO - black orb panel, Mimeophon, L-010 Waveform Animator, D308, SOR, Stereo Dipole (Black and Gold), SCION, CV Bus Case, BBX291 VCF, FUMANA, SIG+ 4 Track Stochastic Inspiration Generator, SHTH, FX AID (black & gold), Librae Legio, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, R-54 mk2, Deftaudio MIDI TRS Thru, Mix 04, Loquelic Iteritas Percido , Stochaos, Tinkle, 1U Signum, I can't believe it's not a VCO, Triple Sloth white panel, Squid Axon, Delay No More, Shifty, Maths, 6MIX, FM Ogre, Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator, Triple Comparator v6, S-185 Gatsby, J-120 Comparator, μFold II/uFold II, VLH - VCO's Little Helper, CLKM, 4x Stereo Mix , Field Kit, A-145-4, Cadet X Multiplier, Diode Chaos, A-132-1, Cinnamon - Black, Hertz Donut Mk2, SumDif, OCP X (Silver), NSL-32 Black 2019, C4RBN, ochd expander, Rings Black & Gold Panel, Lil‘ Erebus, MULTS black panel, Space station gold TUBE LDR !, A-197-3 RGB LED Controller, Sampler, Pusherman 2hp POTI Panel (SILVER), Jumble Henge, Turing Machine Mk II, A-106-5 SEM, Ivan, LEGION, Pony VCO, Entity Ultra-Perc, Drezno, Lipsk, Traffic, Wave Runner, Water, Pet Rock, TP8, AHH, Pulses Mk II, Penrose (Black panel), Light, IDUM, BeeHive, Dual Dagger, 808 Snare DIY, Vactrol Mixer, 1U Diff-Rect (black panel), 1U Signum (black panel), Indian Resonator 2 drum voice, AMPY, Skew Fade LFO(B/W), Varigate 8+, Cursus Iteritas, Pura Ruina, VC Logics, Quarks, MANGROVE and PPM
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