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Mirusi MerginaEurorackPrivate
Black Mantis (drum effects)Eurorack
Drum rackEurorackPrivate
Big RackEurorack
Audio I/OEurorack
I/O rack (MIDI to CV and Gate)EurorackPrivate
Black Mantis (drums)Eurorack
Erica Synths Fusion II System (copy)EurorackPrivate
Gifgrond (Intellijel 104HP 7U)EurorackPrivate
Gifgrond 2 (104HP 3U)EurorackPrivate
Intellijel 104HP 7U bottomEurorackPrivate
19" Rack 1EurorackPrivate
Erica Synths Fusion II System (with Waver and Ooots)EurorackPrivate
Erica Synths Fusion II SystemEurorackPrivate
Intellijel 104HP 7U topEurorackPrivate

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Collection 180 modules

Guillotine, mimosa 8, Plasma Drive, V-Mutes, polygogo, Pedal I/O JACKS 1U, Pedal I/O 1U, Random (Black Panel), Buffered Signal Multiplier (Black Panel), Dual Linear VCA (Black Panel), Stereo Line Out 1U, Enhance 2, AA.1, Morphagene, Vortices, V-CV , Stereo Dipole (Black and Gold), Tune (Black Panel), Ears, Zadar, Nin, Maths (white knobs), Poti, Batumi, M T2D, 100 Grit (black), Delay (Black Panel), FX AID XL (black & gold), 321, NUTONE, Fusion Modulator, Fusion VCA-Waveshaper-Ringmodulator, tanh[3], Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble, CVilization, THE CURSIBLE, chloe stereo mk2, mimosa, DATA (BLACK), Eurorack Noise Swash, Optx, Messor, Dark Matter, Mix (Black Panel), Triptych, Zephyr, Vortices HiFi, Compare 2, Entity Ultra-Kick, FH-2 'factotum', FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, Time Apprentice, Percall, Ikarie, QD - Quad Drum Voice, Qex, Autodub , Noise Plethora, Ferry (inverted), Desmodus Versio, Ataraxic Iteritas (Black), Fusion VCF3, Fusion VCO2, ochd, Beehive, Vector Wave, Vector Wave Expander, Stmix, Ringmod 1U, Muton, Polar8, SoundStage, A-121sV, IDUM, MFX, Marsupial, Zeroscope 1U, Headphones 1U, QAM, Waver, Ooots, Octalink 1U, A-180-9, LANIAKEA, Ruina Versio, MATRIX mkII, MOREMATRIX, STEREO MATRIX, MIDI Breakout, Assimil8or, Ciao - Black, AGNI, A-132-8, Pons Asinorum (Black), Blank Panel, CalTrans, Trialogue, HexVCA, Stereo Line In 1U, Beads, DABS, Black BBD, VCF-3, FUZZ-1, DIMENSION MK3, pkhi mk2, Rangoon, G-Force, 3x analog crossfader, 3ch mixer, distortion, white noise, Ensemble - Analogue 8 Voice BBD Chorus, ARBA 1U (Black), Twin Drive, Endless Processor (both panels), Quantum Rainbow 2 (Black and Gold Edition), Traffic, Water, Clock O'Pawn MKII, Elmyra 2, SGR1806-20, Entity Ultra-Perc, 4x Stereo Mix_black, QBI, Kraken, Crucible, Farbfolder, Tausend dB, Fracture (Black), 333-DualPT, ochd expander, Lebq Adapter, ASHIKO, The GodFather, DALPG, PLASMA Voice, Endless Processor (Ex)pander, Quantus Pax, Altar II, Neptune, SoundStage II, Ultra-Random Redux, STEREO42, Digital VCA MKIII, FXBP, PLUSMINUS, A-588, Wyvern, Saevitum V2, Foxtrot, Quarks, Resonant Quadruple Lo-Pass Gate, Atlas, M1, Mix, Limit L-2, Triple Limiter, Switch SW-1, Quad Bidirectional Switch, 4-Band Distortion,Mög D-2, Wavefolder WF-1, Monsoon, MXX, Little Mikey, Bopp & Steve, Black Stereo Reverb, Black Stereo Delay2, Radiant, Rabbit Hole, Curiouser, OXI Meta, Oneiroi, Drum Stereo FX, RND STEP, Chaos, Drezno II, Drezno II (black panel), Manic, Natural Gate, QUART, Neo Trinity, A-196, Grainity and 2hp Vented Blank Panel

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This User rated 8 modules.

chloe stereo mk2 (5), Ooots (5), MATRIX mkII (5), MOREMATRIX (5), STEREO MATRIX (5), Blank Panel (5), Vector Wave (5) and Muton (5)
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