12 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
165 mA +12V
150 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$358 Price in €

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Stereo Saturation Controller

Saturation is a sound designer’s best friend. As applying saturation to a sound can make it sound warm, rich and defined. But without any other processing the opposite can happen; making the sound harsh, destroyed and undefined. An often used technique in music production is to saturate specific parts of the spectrum, adding harmonics to enrich the sound but not lose its original quality.

Wyvern takes this technique and makes it a creative sound design tool. When deconstructed Wyvern is built out of a specific chain: Filter EQ, Saturation, VCA, Dual Filter, Dry/Wet Balance. Different combinations of these stages can be used for a variety of sound design and patch situations. And it is all in stereo, so you can apply it to your final mix and stereo signals with ease too!

The Filter EQ stage has a high-shelf, low-shelf and bell curve to boost or diminish parts of the spectrum. When the gain is set to a minimum the EQ curves turn into low-pass, high-pass and notch respectively. A Resonance control puts emphasis on a certain frequency, or it can be used to make Wyvern scream.

This is then sent to a Saturation stage. The Drive control sets the amount of Saturation of one of the three Saturation types. Soft clipping puts more emphasis on the third harmonic and compresses the sound. Hard clipping puts emphasis on odd harmonics. Finally an Allpass distortion adds phase shifts and distortion. The Saturation stage also has a level control which can be used to decrease the gain after saturation is applied and can function as a unipolar VCA. The Saturation stage is also accompanied with a clip indicator led and a boost switch to scale input signal correctly or simply add more or less harmonics.

The Post-Saturation stage is a high-pass and low-pass combo. Allowing you to select a frequency band from the previous stages. Along with a balance control to adjust the balance between the dry and wet signal.
Whether you are looking to destroy your sound or go for subtle analog warmth; Wyvern has got you covered. Even when not used for saturation alone. It can be a Stereo Tone Controller, EQ, Filter, VCA and Phaser, all and anything in between. Making it a very fun and powerful sound design tool!

- Filter EQ with Low-shelf, High-shelf, Bell, Low-pass, High-pass and Notch curves.
- Resonance to add emphasis on a frequency or to make it scream.
- Soft clipping, Hard clipping and Allpass distortion for a variety of flavors.
- Boost switch and clip indicator led to set Saturation scale.
- Level and VCA to adjust level while Saturation amount remains the same.
- High-pass and Low-pass combo to select a part of the spectrum.
- Dry/wet control to dial in the right amount of processed signal.
- Gain with increased and adjustable center detent position.
- V/oct tracking with temperature compensation.

More info: https://www.malstromaudio.com/wyvern
Manual: https://www.malstromaudio.com/wyvern-manual
Dealers: https://www.malstromaudio.com/dealers


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