12 HP
24 mm deep
Current Draw
115 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$449 Price in €

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Six channel aleatoric brain

Chaos is a six-channel aleatoric brain where a random generator helps you quickly finalize your idea.
With its function, gates and CVs outputs, Chaos can be used as a very effective time and modulation manager but it can also be considered a complex sequencer with a very new type of workflow.

In Chaos, indeed, you have three working layers:
everything starts with a tunable random generator that can quickly create random patterns of gates and CVs.

Once the channel output got close to your need you can lock it in a loop and globally modify it with the same parameters you’ve used to tame the random generator.

Finally, as a last layer, you can modify each step of the loop in every aspect, ending up with the perfect sequence you had in mind.

Usually a sequencer starts with a blank page, Chaos starts from an extremely random and uncontrolled streams of event and easily shift towards a more deterministic and manageable sequence.

It’s like shaping a block of stone.

Chaos is thought to be the fulcrum of your system providing:

  • An extremely wide range (10ms/10s) and stable master clock
  • 6 gate outputs with independent probability, width, swing, ratcheting and time control (synced or completely independent from the master clock)
  • 6 voltage outputs with independent quantization, slew, random voltage windows selection and ground transpose.
  • For each channel the option of using the internal random generator or sampling an external incoming voltage.
  • Individual channel looping capability.
  • Save and recall (also under CV control) 8 slots with no lag.
  • The ability to randomize all the parameters of all the selected channels with entropy control setting.
  • External CV control for looping, chaos, slot recalling and random voltage CV in.

With all these functions combined together Chaos is pretty flexible and can be easily used as an advanced turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder and many many other duties.


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