14 HP
Current Draw
119 mA +12V
95 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$399 Price in €

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unique sound shaping and transformation tool

Triptych is a multi-tiered module consisting of a trio of internally re-routable effects with the addition of input and output voltage-controlled amplifiers. From distortion to karplus-strong and polyphonic resonance, Triptych is designed to be a unique sound shaping and transformation tool – from subtle to extreme via a fully analog signal path.

  • High gain Input VCA with transistor saturation/overdrive. CV Input.

  • Multimode VCF with voltage controlled cutoff and resonance capable of self-oscillation and tracking 1V/octave. Selectable Low-pass, Band-pass and High-pass filter modes. Filter can be routed before or after the distortion and BBD sub-sections.

  • Multimode Distortion featuring two unique voltage controllable distortion types --designed to create additional waveform peaks and harmonics for resonation.

  • Resonant BBD exhibiting fast delays, flanging and comb-filtering effects. Voltage controlled clock and range select. Voltage controlled regeneration and feedback type. Voltage controlled wet/dry mixer.

  • Distortion and Comb sections can be re-routed into one another.

  • High gain Output VCA with CV Input.


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