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18U (copy)Buchla
24U 126hp (copy)Eurorack
12U 168hpEurorack
18U 168hpEurorack
24U 126hpEurorack
4ms Pod 48XEurorack
62hp PaletteEurorack
NLC 9U 84HPEurorack
104hp PaletteEurorack
NonLinearCircuits cellFEurorack

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Mega PhoneEurorack

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Collection 221 modules

ochd, Natural Gate, Tides, Plaits, Braids (2015), Dual ADSR, Quad VCA, Dixie II+, Morgasmatron, Triplatt, Plog, Buff Mult, LxD (Low Strike Duo), Maths, MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF, Ripples, Typhoon, Rainmaker, Mutamix, Mankato Filter, A-151v, A-147-2v, Tropical Noise NEO V3 black, Sputnik Radio BLACK, Mega Phone, Percall, SN, disting EX, Desmodus Versio, Hyrlo, A-100B2v, Super Sixteen, 1/n, Let's Splosh, 8bit Cipher, Numberwang, Wangernumb, Divide & Conquer, Bindubba Sequencer, Feague, BBX291 VCF, Helvetica Scenario, Ian Fritz's Hypster, Signum Hyperchaos, Sauce of Unce, GENiE, Triad, Beat Freq, 1050 Mixer Sequencer, Dual LPG, Choral Generator, Multi-band Distortion, Timbre & Timbre, Clump, LDRama, Sly Grogan, It's 555, Hyperchaos Deluxe, Brain Custard, Pachinko (Black), A Plague of Demons, BaDumTisss, DOOF, The Big Room, BOOLs, Tempi, Beads, Marbles, Tete, Tetrapad, Linix, Warps, OBERHAUSEN, Stmix, VCAs, Dual LFO/VCO, Stooges, Bongo Fury, Delay No More 3, 4HP MIX, ARSEq, FK1T VCF, Digital Filter Simulator, Sampleslicer MKII, Planar 2, Kinks, Veils (2020), Frames, MSK 013 Middle Path VCO, AGOGO, Poultry in Motion, Product, Big Jobs, Lux, Mobius PiLL, Sloth DK, Kareishuu VCO, Router, CellF action panel, cellF voice, Stages, Midi 1U, FSR 1U, Frolic, Intimacy, FM OP, Valmorification, Ming Rod, Cellular Automata (white panel), The Suppository of All Wisdom, 1U PiLLs, 1U Signum, 1U Diff-Rect, 1U Sloth Chaos, Statues, Squid Axon, 329 Phase/Flange, Chopper, Mutable Instruments Elements (Grayscale panel), MSCL (Black Panel), Pico DSP, FSR 4, Chaos, Noise Plethora, Hyper Wien, 1hp Blank Panel, 1hp Blank, Coefficients, Shapeshifter, Blades, Duatt, Quadrax, Qx, Stereo Line Out 1U, Passive LPG 1U, E520 Hyperion Processor, 32:1, Envelope Follower, FSR-4C, FSR-4B, 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row SILVER (0.5U), Links, Macropod, Performance Mixer (black), PM Channels (Black), Marsupial, Noise Tools 1U, CVGT1, Spectral Processor, Qex, QD - Quad Drum Voice, Let's Bronze Up, Stochaos, Tinkle, Rings, Vector Wave, Branches, Ears, Yarns, Metropolix, crow, Stereo Strip, Mogue, Vector Wave Expander, JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds), Plinky, Xport, Gx, Disting mk4, Pamela's PRO Workout, O/A/x2, Flurry, Bifold, Nin, Zadar, Mutable Instruments Clouds (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Blinds (Grayscale panel), Mutable Instruments Grids (Grayscale panel), Peaks, Mutable Instruments Streams (Grayscale panel), Shifty, Shades, Planet Drone, patch.Init(), Steve's MS-22, Tangrams, CHOMUL, This 2 Shall Pass, CMOSC, Beat Freqs, MUN, Delay No More, Tracky Dacks, Encephalo Adjuster, Triple Sloths V2, Sealegs, Teletype, Ripples (2020), Tides (2014 version), Shelves (2015), Edges, NightSky, Timeline, W/, Scales, Xfade 1U, Mutes, ochd expander, 2HP 1U Blank, uO_C, Ansible, Night Rider, USB Extender 1U, Audio Interface II, Stochastic Voltage Generator (SVG), Model 252e, Model 261e, 281h Dual Function Generator, 292h Dual Lowpass Gate, 225h MIDI-CV Interface and 202h Utilities

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µClouds SE (uClouds, microClouds) [Rev C, Black] (5)
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