Apologies if this is more an Ableton issue than modular, but grateful if someone can help

I'm new to the modular game, and trying to integrate my Eurorack into Ableton, using CV Tools. The issue I am having is CV Tools is unable to calibrate pitch, saying "Error. Insufficient voltage."

I have tried this using Plaits and Moog Mavis, patching them into an ES-8, which is then connected to my laptop via USB. I believe I have all the settings correct, and volume is loud enough (Ableton error message suggests checking that).

I actually got this to calibrate once. I don't know if I just got lucky but on applying the exact same settings, it didn't work the many other times I tried.

This may be one for Ableton support, whom I have also contacted. But reaching out on here in case someone has a possible solution.

Many thanks

Thanks no I think I’d run it externally to save on rack space

I can get a Moog Mavis for under £300 and wonder how useful and beneficial it’d be to have it in this basic starter rack

ModularGrid Rack

Looking for a simple headphone output for my eurorack which I can also use as an audio output to my audio interface (Steinberg UR22C)

I've narrowed it down to the ALM HPO and the Joranalogue Transmit 2

Second hand I can get the HPO for £70 ($82) less than the Transmit 2

Would welcome advice on which one to get

I'm starting out and will principally be using it for headphones


Thanks for the advice. Really helpful

I have the Rackbrute already, got it £100 cheaper than the Mantis, although I appreciate the Mantis offers more HP and better power. I’m banking on the Rackbrute being enough to meet my needs. Although I don’t quite follow how to move the switch and power to gain another 4HP?

On the VCA, it’s difficult to source the Alyseum. Thoughts on either the Intellijel or Doepfer Quad VCA instead? The latter being a fair bit cheaper.

Many thanks!
I was looking at adding Instruo Ochd/Maths/Pamela’s New Workout at some point- maybe they'd be useful from the start?
But grateful for your expertise

ModularGrid Rack


I’m completely new to modular but looking to build my first euro rack.

I’d be grateful for feedback on the design above. At the moment I am just looking for something to get me up and running.

I want to integrate it into my existing DAW setup with Ableton and use CV tools, hence the ES-8 (I need USB)

I’m planning to house this in an Arturia Rackbrute 6U, so I have plenty of scope for adding more modules later down the line.

I realise this design will benefit from extra modules but I just want something to get started with, while also trying to minimise initial spend.

So does this look like a good starting point with options to get creative or am I missing something key here?

I want to monitor through headphones (hence Pico) and I’ll also be using my Arturia Keylab Mkii.

Grateful for any advice!