ModularGrid Rack


I’m completely new to modular but looking to build my first euro rack.

I’d be grateful for feedback on the design above. At the moment I am just looking for something to get me up and running.

I want to integrate it into my existing DAW setup with Ableton and use CV tools, hence the ES-8 (I need USB)

I’m planning to house this in an Arturia Rackbrute 6U, so I have plenty of scope for adding more modules later down the line.

I realise this design will benefit from extra modules but I just want something to get started with, while also trying to minimise initial spend.

So does this look like a good starting point with options to get creative or am I missing something key here?

I want to monitor through headphones (hence Pico) and I’ll also be using my Arturia Keylab Mkii.

Grateful for any advice!