Must be your module, mine is rock solid.

Is it just me or the knob for filter type is really wobbly/flimsy ?
-- wazou

It is kinda. Which is weird because most of Xaoc's knobs are really solid feeling.

-- murmurant

bigger case is not the solution imo... effects i do in daw (save space) and buchla my system is not about tonal music, that i can do in daw as well.. im more of the experimental part hence the buhcla modules

hi, i just wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions on my system that ive built if you would replace/add something.. im a little bit hesitant about maths

ModularGrid Rack

Hi there, I have my M8 that i really love and im thinking of maybe integrate that with my eurorack set up instead of just playing alone. Whats your experience with that? im thinking to add the CV OCD as bridge between M8 and modular..

I really like your case 👍
It inspires me.
A few very big modules and you even have space left 😁

I also think that a Matrixmixer would be cool to mix cvs.

thx mate, i like it too! for mixing cv i use MISO and maths.. Just purchased Generate 3 to pair with

i try to keep myself away from modules with displays so disting and o&c is not a option im afraid. though im thinking to add a Filter 8 or a generate 3 but idk..

hi, what would you fill the rest HP with? thinking of maybe a generate 3 or a filter 8, maybe some utility ?

whats your suggestions?

thx in advance

ModularGrid Rack

wow i cant thank you enough for your detailed response regarding my case. I actually purchased a Veils V1 now thanks to your inpus and I will alao purchase the MISO next week

Thanks! I added Veils V1, about MISO isnt that funcitions available through maths?

what should i fill with the last 20 hp? i was thinking maybe erbe-verb but im combining this system with DAW so effects is not necessarily big deal

looking forward to hear your ideas

ModularGrid Rack

Hi guys, it was couple of months I sold my full 12U system but I still miss the patching and the intuitive part of it that i cant get from DAW. What do you think of shuttle system as only system to work with? How versataile is it? Is it enough to only use that as my system?


The original Amp & Tone is 16hp. The 2020 version is 10hp. Which do you have? Nothing else is really like it, in 10hp no less.
-- bopodoq

I have the 10 HP


I have an Ampo & Tone which i love but i recently scaled down my set up and im trying to find an similiar module in smaller HP, do you have any to recommend?


Thread: Verbos CO


Im currently having a CO and VHO as main oscillators in my case (verbos system almost) but im thinking of maybe sell my Harmonic Oscillator and replace it with something else does that makes sense at all to you? Or are they too much the same and much overlapping eachother?

Im realized i dont use VHO as much and would maybe to consider to add one more complex osc.

Would appriciate your thoughts before pulling the trigger!

Hi, Yes I did. Super strange, lovely module though, you will not be dissapointed.

Hi there, I dont get my head around this and need some help with my PH MK3, I dont actually understand to add the customized wavetables that I do myself and also download at waveedit to the SD card, do they have to be marked 1-8 in the SD card? Because when i add the wavetables it doesnt show up on my module,

thanks again

Oh, I forgot to mention that my DFAM is in its own case already so dont be sorry! and my black sequencer is in a 42HP case. My "system" is a bit splitted, Im using a 9U case 104HP and not 12U

Im thinking of letting go of my Verbos Multi Delay Processsor. I really LOVE it but im thinking of replacing it with something else, like modulations, or voice (?) or something else?

Do you have any suggestions?

Im kind of blind at the moment so would appriciate others input as well :)

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks in advance

Hi Jim,

Yes Ive thought about a matrix mixer as well, thanks for mention it. What do you think about Livestock Maze?

Kinks and shades would def fit my set up, do you also have something else utility on your mind?



Please help fill my last 20 HP, im out of ideas and I would love to hear some of your thoughts, I do all my sequencing with octatrack so thats covered.

Thanks in advance!!

ModularGrid Rack


Thats an really good point, ive looked quite a while on the ssf toolbox so thats a great recommendation. Do you have some special function generator in mind? and other utilities? About the case and get another one, I will try at the moment to keep everything in the same case, in the future I maybe will get rid of the metron and get an octatrack but im not there yet


This is my current rack and I really love my case and all the modules, I think a little bit to replace my Loquelic iteritas percido to something else because I feel that the manis and LIP is taking eachother out a little bit of its hardness and crazyness and thinking of maybe get rid of the LIP.

What would you do? Maybe to replace with a wavetable like PH MK3? or something else? What do you think missing?

It doesnt have to be a second voice such as PH, it can also be 20hp replacement of utilities, modulation, switched and such.

Thank you so much in advance,

ModularGrid Rack

Thread: -

CV processing and perhaps logic like an Intellijel Plog.
-- exper

Yes, been thinking about Plog as well.. What kind of CV processing module were u thinking about?

Thread: -


Im thinking to fill my last 16 hp but im kind of confused what to add, what would you have added?

ModularGrid Rack

utilities - just like almost everyone else who has to ask!
-- JimHowell1970

Ok, thanks. do you have some special in mind?

Yes youre right, i'll rearrange them on the rails. Is there some risk of damaging modules when coming close to the 2000ma?

Yes, i got the doepfer psu-3 case.

Thanks for answer here.. So basically how close can i go to 2000MA? Would around 1850 be safe and no problem?


So ive read at different kind of forums etc that you shouldnt go more than 80% of the total PSU power, in my case I have a Doepfer PSU-3 wich have maximum at: (+12 V / 2000 mA, -12 V / 1200 mA, +5 V / 4000 mA, 100 - 230 V), and 3x bus boards

My current set up draws this down below according to MG - My question is, is this safe and will cause not problem?

Power Consumption: 1754 mA +12V | 729 mA -12V | 270 mA 5V

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks for answer!

Thanks, will check on that. Worth notice - I havent yet bought Crater and crucible yet, i think BIA is making some really punchy and hard kicks but its so useful as well for other sounds. maybe overwhelming to have crater as well? It sounds so damn good though...

Maybe instead of buying the crater (or) crucible it would be a option to buy the ataraxic/cursus iteritas, Thats a really nice wavetable vco imo.

Any reason (such as remaining power connections) why it couldn't be 2 modules that will fit 8hp?
-- merzky_shoom

Two modules could be fine as well, do you have something in mind?


So im crazily happy with my rack at the moment, but I want to fill my last 8HP and im kind of stuck what to do about it and wonder if what you would've added? Would be great with some suggestions since im totally blank of alternatives,

the only thing ive thought about was to get a proper vco - Dixie II but im open for suggestions,


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