For me so far it's easily been Mannequins' Just Friends. It's my first Mannequins and man, the thing is amazing. It squirts out all kinds of different sounds depending on how/what you modulate it with, or it can be a flexibile modulator itself. It reminds me a bit of the Joranalogue Orbit and the Mutable Instruments Tides, but I find it way more fun than either of those ... I just always seem to get it to spit out something that sounds cool to me. Looking forward to trying a Mangrove.

Any favorite pick ups from the first half of the year?


The Nerdseq. It turned my modular stuff into a proper setup rather than just a collection of bits I liked, but it did so without making my music too unnecessarily normal.

Do you mean Effect, OSC/Sound generator, Sampler, or Utility module?