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Collection 191 modules

Pamela's PRO Workout, Quad VCA, Batumi, Dixie II+, Mixup, μVCA II, Mult, Scales, ONE, Unity Mixer, Tallin, Filter 8, Forbidden Planet, BD808, Stmix, HPO, Ikarie, Mix, Chainsaw, MCO, Loquelic Iteritas, HATS909, FX AID, Pip Slope (mk II), Steppy, SD808, µVCF, Fold 6, Zadar, OUT V3, Varigate 4+, MSCL (Black Panel), 3x MIA, Viol Ruina, Generate 3, Triplatt, Outs, MSCL, HATS808, FX AID XL, MIX 4, Bifold, BD909, CP909, Pluck, Chronoblob2, CRATER, Quad Pingable LFO, mmMidi, Dual Dagger, Qx, Kamieniec, Zularic Repetitor, Tš-L v2, Clep Diaz, Mimetic Digitalis, 3x MIA - black, MUM M8, Steve's MS-22, DTM, Ts-L, saïch, vincâ, Quantum Rainbow 2, Pizza, Sarajewo, Delta-V, 3x VCA, Sinc Bucina, Ruina Versio, OR, Listen Four, Bard Quartet, Zagrzeb, Transmit 2, Waver, Imitor Versio, Terci Ruina, Mix 3, Z5000 (BLACK), STO (Black and Gold), Polivoks VCF (2013), Fold Processor, Dinky's Taiko, Messor, Samara II, WAV Recorder, Katowice, RS808, Listen Four 1/4, FX AID (black & gold), Ooots, Quad LFO, Z5000 (WHITE), Alan, Popple, 4x Stereo Mix , ZVERB (BLACK), CYMBL909, FX AID XL (black & gold), 3x VCA - black, Cinnamon - Black, Autodyne, PE-1, Koszalin, MA808, Zularic Repetitor (Black), Athrú, Quad Envelope, CB808, Z4000 NS, Cnōc, Neóni, Sinc Defero (Black w/ jacks and LEDs), Sono Abitus, Gemini's Path, Enhance 2, 4x Stereo Mix_black, Mińsk, Mod Medusa, SD909, Z2040, 6x MIX, ECHOZ (BLACK), Neutron Flux, Quad VCA, ZVERB (WHITE), 6x MIX - black, Peaks, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), Shifty, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), Turing Machine Mk II, Arpitecht, DOT (black panel), Knight's Gallop, Numeric Repetitor, Pique (uPeaks), DOT, STO, STO (white knobs), TAZM-O, Lucifer, tona, Zephyr, Paradox, Pluck (Black Panel), Erfurt, MANGROVE, 3340 VCO, A-110-2V, Polivoks VCG MkII, Plaits, Richter Wogglebug 2014, THREE SISTERS, Stereo Dipole (Black and Gold), Entity Ultra-Kick, Steady State Gate, Triptych, Zero Point Oscillator, Stereo Dipole, Entity Ultra-Perc, Entity Percussion Synthesizer (Black and Gold), Autodub , Quantum Rainbow 2 (Black and Gold Edition), Time Wizard, Aeolus Seeds, Banshee Reach, Triple Steeple, Jeweler Cast, Maths, Morphagene, Rings, Beads, Stages, QPAS, Veils (2020), Quadrax, Tides, ES-9, Ripples (2020), Voltage Block, Belgrad, Grids, Polaris, Dual Looping Delay, Tangle Quartet, FX AID_black, Contour 1, COLD MAC and EUCLIDEAN
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