6 HP
Current Draw
140 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$205 Price in €

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Specs are approved by the manufacturer

1949 Stereo Image Processor

Mińsk is a stereo image processor. It is a hybrid tool that combines digital and analog processing to facilitate advanced mid/side (M/S) manipulation of a stereo signal pair. It allows for separate treatment of the mid and side components, which affects the depth and width of the auditory scene. Mińsk offers both manual and voltage control of the stereo width, as well as two dimension effects for enhancing the existing stereo image or creating a faux stereo image based on the stereo or mono input source. Mińsk is especially handy during the preparation of a vinyl release or before a club concert, because it can eliminate out-of-phase low-end frequencies (high pass filter at 300Hz with the filter slope 12dB/oct, 50Hz with the filter slope 24dB/oct).

– Stereo image manipulation tool
– Mid/Side processing
– Mono to faux stereo conversion
– Stereo dimension enhancement
– Manual and CV stereo width control
– Low cut on side component
– Visual stereo image indicator
– 6hp, skiff friendly
– Reverse power protection

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