Too big.
Too much assorted stuff.
Too many voices. Not enough Filter/Attenuation.
Why is there a Data/Scope?
It's not wrong to have multiple copies of the same module.
Don't fill space just to fill space.
Don't use 2hp/pico modules except where absolutely necessary/designed.

Tell us what you want to perform, and describe how you think a typical patch setup would look like.

Copied and rebuilt and cleaned up by stripping and building from center-out, bottom up, thinking about where you'd want to manipulate most (center, bottom) and least (sides, top).

ModularGrid Rack

Noise Maker

While watching too many videos about maths and Mimeophon, I thought of this manifestation. Question is, will it Synth?

Based on what I've seen, Maths can provide Clock, VCO, Envelope, VCA, Filtering, Sequencing, mixing and a variety of CV/LFO accents.
Mimeophon can provide reverb, delay, loop-lock-playback, and even act as a voice on its own.

With enough patch cables and patience, a synth emerges. Obviously it can be as many rows as needed. Tempted to build a one-row version just to see what it's like to play. Unfortunately I couldn't find Make Noise in VCV Rack for play testing.

I think the morphagene is a bit big for the space. Add some tiptop drums, more mixer stuff, switched mult, you're gonna need an envelope generator, maybe a pico voice.