I start the modular. I need feedback on what I want. Can you give me your opinion ?
thank you

ModularGrid Rack

Hi, it would be helpful if you could tell us what kind of music you intend to do.
IMO, I would set up a mixer with at least 4 channels just for audio, and I would leave the triplatt for modulation. I don't see any percussion, are you going to use any external equipment for rhythms? Are you going to use rhythms? ;-)

Thank you for your answer. I also have the moog sound studio, so dfam for percussion and an analog rytm. My intention was, at the base, to extend the set up that I already had. I got slightly lost in the multiple modules I came across ^^ I wonder if I'm missing something important or if on the contrary I'm doing too much.

Too big.
Too much assorted stuff.
Too many voices. Not enough Filter/Attenuation.
Why is there a Data/Scope?
It's not wrong to have multiple copies of the same module.
Don't fill space just to fill space.
Don't use 2hp/pico modules except where absolutely necessary/designed.

Tell us what you want to perform, and describe how you think a typical patch setup would look like.

Copied and rebuilt and cleaned up by stripping and building from center-out, bottom up, thinking about where you'd want to manipulate most (center, bottom) and least (sides, top).

ModularGrid Rack

I hadn’t cleaned my mess.
This one is the good one :

But maybe that's still the case.

ModularGrid Rack

This one is the good one :
My humble newbie observations:
-Mixer. I would change Rosie and 2HP mixer for an output/mixer module, with returns and mutes. An affordable option could be:
https://www.modulargrid.net/e/tesseract-modular-tex-mix-master-section --Master
https://www.modulargrid.net/e/tesseract-modular-tex-mix-4-mono-channels --4 channels mixer
-Another filter, a multimode filter, more or less aggressive depending on the type of music you want to make.
-More and more ergonomic VCA's, you have room for them. A cheap option.
-A sequential switch is a very useful basic to route signals.
and a matrix mixer, for example

Ok i’ll take the Black Output.
And i add a Piston Honda.

do you think I still need the sto and the Fold 6?

Thank you very much :)

If you have you have enough space, an "extra" oscillator is never superfluous, and the STO is a very good module. I would remove the Fold 6, one of the strengths of the Piston Honda is the wavefolder circuit.
I would add some mutes before the mixer, but that's because I really like "mutes".
Here you have some without "clicks", with vactrols.
Perhaps I would also add another Triplatt, it is quite cheap and you have a lot of modulation signal, sometimes it is interesting to mix them.

OK. I will look. Black Output is too expensive, so I'm looking for another output/mixer.

OK. I will look. Black Output is too expensive, so I'm looking for another output/mixer.
-- timtoum93
Take a look to Tesseract Modular modules.
I have these combination
-4 mono channels with pan, mutes, cv and two send/return controls for each channel.
-Phones output and send /return section.
-Chainable modules