Big thank you @Lugia! Knocked another one out the park
I've studied the setup and the different functionality you've added and made a little remix. Fun to mess around with and great start to work from.

ModularGrid Rack

I tried keeping the modules I have and still fit similar functionality and setup as you suggested. One thing to add is that I have an external Electron box I do drums and effects with right now. That's why I removed that effects module from the bottom right.

So, I liked the setup with multiple dual VCAs and two VCOs, but I don't like having the same module multiple time. For me a fundamental thing with modular is the mixing and matching of brands and unique takes to create one system.

1st row: I swapped the dual Plaits with a Twin Waver and two of the VCAs to other brands. The Ladik I couldn't find anywhere close to me, so jammed a Disting for the slew and whatever I might want to use it for, ended up with space for a little sampler. Haven't thought much about it, but might be fun.

2nd row: Added a midi out to help with the drum programming, but that got to tight for the A-118-2, so went with a 2hp one. Not sure if you added the A-118-2 for the S&H or the Noise? The rest of te row is the same except i manage to squeeze in my Quad VCA and output-module I already got.

Did I keep the spirit of your system, or completely missed the mark on some of its features?

So, first batch is in the system (top row) and been using it a lot...i'm hooked!

ModularGrid Rack

I common patch looks something like this:
Pams to generate the pitch with different techniques, random from single channel or multiple ones mixed together with logic conditions. This then goes to the pitch of Plaits. Other channels on Pams control the inputs of Plaits either straight in or via Maths. Maths usually helps with this too, but more often I use it to control the filter and VCA. Out from Plaits into Filter and then VCA and out. Beads have not arrived yet..
It's all fun and game, but I feel it's lacking some thing.

Now to the planned new things, row 2:
I use Maths 2-3 for attenuation, but want to free that space up, therefor planning to add a dedicated attenuator in form of Sinc Defero.

I don't find it satisfying to put in LFOs in Pams all the time (usually start using the two in Maths first) and want something more direct, therefor looking at the ochd. Good choice or should I look for something with more exact control?

Lastly the mixer, since I use it alot in Maths and feel like a dedicated one is worth having. Going stero to be used with Beads, but is that overkill? I want to mix both audio and CV, should I get two different mixers?

Three more utility and modulation focused modules, but want to here some suggestion what you would add as a next step? A sequencer? Random generator? More sounds sources?

Hi, I’m new as well and will soon order my first set. Will not be able to help out with the specifics you’re asking about here, but I think this buyers guide from the r/modular was really helpful to navigate the world in the beginning!

Here is the link:

Ok monolog continue :)

ModularGrid Rack

I've made some revisions and changed out the analog VCO to a Digital that can do more on it's on from start. Went with the classic Plaits where the menus seems not to deep and alot of value for the money.

Also read up on the Milky-way and heard alot of issues with it, and swapt it for a Beads instead.

Still looking at adding a Sequenser and another VCO like the STO or Dixii if I see it needed.

Continuing my journey in modular. Started off with a Teenage engineering pocket operator 400 and not been that exited turning knobs since I got my first Nintendo. Yes, I know, not real modular, but a good start to understand the fundamentals. It's still a fun piece and will use it, but it lacks depth.

I've come to the conclusion I really like just playing around with the system, turning knobs and explore what happens. Therefor, I've tried to leave out menu deep, preset moduals (except Pams) for that reason. I will use it to just play music as a stand-alone thing, so no plans to record. I also don't want to control it with a computer/midi right now, since it's the computer I want to get away from.

Been researching for some time now and have come done to this setup.

Pams: for rhythm, clock, randomization, melody
STO: as the main VCO in the system
Maths: as envelope and LFO modulation, as well as secondary VCO if needed
Forbidden planet: for filtering and aliens
Quad VCA: for modulation and a mixer until I expand to a dedicated one
Milkyway: as the effect module, mainly after a nice reverb, but with some extra thing for fun exploration
XOH: to output to headphones and speakers
RackBrute 6U: the case

This is the plan to be the starting point. Anything missing or suggested changes?

Going forward, I really want to get in a sequencer and some dedicated drum sound machines to enhance the melodies from the first row.