Wow, that's already A LOT to work with. Thanks so much!

I have yet to digest everything and will take some time to do that but a few quick thoughts/takeaways:

@Zacksname: Your comments on the VCAs have cleared things up for me a lot. Thanks! Also, I've been thinking about quantization and wasn't sure how to prioritise it. But having read your post I think workflow-wise it sounds like an interesting path for me. I'm familiar with the concept but somehow it slid in and out of my priorities over the past couple of weeks. But it makes total sense.

@JimHowell70: On my way to the tattoo studio already, haha ... people are talking about your signature on the streets. I think my next step will be to take a deeper dive into utilities - and then probably start with some modulation + utilities on the Moogs before expanding the setup to be its own thing. I guess that could be a good strategy? Case wise: I agree on the Rackbrute looking hideous ... will have a closer look on TipTop Audio (but psst... I think they are looking even worse, but as you said: Who cares in the end).

@VONDENFUNKEN: There are some very interesting recommendations module wise, thank you - and you're right, I probably don't want to bury all my budget at once but use what I already have to get a better understanding of a couple of extra modulation + utilities first. But I kinda want to set an intermediate goal for a system to figure out where I want to start - if that makes any sense. You're suggestions for a little pod for the moogs helps a lot with this.

Alright, time to dig a little deeper ...


first of all, I have already learned a lot from this community. So thank you for this fantastic resource! I'm pretty much at the beginning of the journey, though. I tried to come up with some coherent thoughts and a rack idea (might still be complete nonsense, though ...). It's gotten a bit lengthy, but you can just scroll down to the rack if you want ... and I am really looking forward to what you think.

I'm a pianist with an interest in experimental music. Over the past couple of years, I've gotten more into making (DAWless) (melodic) ambient music with semi-modular gear. Synthwise, aside from a Prophet Rev2, I own two Moog Mother-32s, a DFAM, and a Subharmonicon. I run them through a pedal board with basic effects (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, overdrive, looper) and use a Keystep 37 for sequencing.

I've been interested in Eurorack for a while, but it really 'clicked' for me when I recently borrowed a 0-Ctrl, 0-Coast, and Strega from a friend. I love the sound + workflow. Thus, I want to move towards a more generative and West Coast-like direction. But instead of buying another half a dozen semi-modulars, me and my credit card think it's time to go fully modular for that.

Goals for my System
- Integrate with my existing gear/Moogs (so I reckon I don't need many, or any, additional analog VCOs and VCFs?)
- Expand the very East Coast-y soundscape with more modulation sources, wavefolding, randomness, etc.
- Create an instrument that still works on its own and is reasonably balanced starting point
- Keep the budget around 3k€.

I've been looking at beginner's guides and tried to figure out which approaches and modules I like. Since I really enjoy the Make Noise soundscapes and workflows, I’ve tried to incorporate that influence as well. Maybe too much? I also think in my workflow I like simplicity - so I tried to avoid modules that appeared menu-divey to me. Here's what I came up with:

My Rack

Initial Module Ideas

With my Moogs, I already have several analog VCOs. I'm considering adding something digital (like Plaits). But I really like the sound of the Make Noise STO which is why, at the moment, I'm considering both.

As with VCOs, I love the Moog filters but already have four in my semi-modulars, so I don't need another basic east-coasty VCF - I think? The Make Noise QPAS seems like an interesting choice to me and I imagine it pairs well with the STO. But I'm open for suggestions.

I'm considering starting with Maths and an LFO (DivKid Ochd). Should I get an additional envelope generator (e.g. Erica Synths Black VCA, Doepfer A140, or ALM Pip Slope)? Or maybe a completely different combination? 

I know, "You can never have too many VCAs," but how do you choose a good starting point? I've selected a Tangle (4xVCA) and an Optomix (VCAF, if that counts). For output, I’m considering an extra Pico Out. I'm a bit confused in this area (= even more than in the other areas).

Sequencing / Randomness
With the Moogs and the Keystep I feel there's a lot of sequencing sources available to me already. Therefore, I'm looking for something simple and randomy. I’m considering combining Pamela's PRO Workout with what I already have and maybe a Turing Machine or Wogglebug for some extra uncertainty? I understand they are different beasts. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Wogglebug for a start. But maybe it's dumb to include so many modules by the same maker ... ?

As I mentioned, I currently use a pedal board for effects, so I’ve included an effects return module but no effects module. Aside from reverb and delay I can't say my music is dependent on many effects. And I've read mixed opinions on effect modules in Eurorack. Optionally I'm considering a Tiptop Audio Z5000 (alternatively an FX Aid XL). Opinions?

Same as above with some "swiss army knives" like Ornaments & Crime or Disting MK4. They seem useful in that they let you explore stuff you don't have yet as a distinct module. The reason I haven't included them is a) the menu diving and b) that I probably have a lot to play with and to understand already. But maybe I'm totally wrong here and some allrounders might be useful. Happy about suggestions, especially on what other useful stuff is missing.

In a Rackbrute 6U, this configuration would more or less fit my budget, especially if I can get some modules used. It leaves me with only 50 - 60 ish HP for future expansions and I'm aware that's not much. But I also like it as a compact skiff for gigs and maybe use it in my band. So the reasoning is to add a bigger rack later on and keep this anyway. And I know how that sounds in the context of Eurorack ... but I’ve never been a fan of collecting gear—but let’s revisit that in five years or so. ;)

What Do You Think?
As I said, I tried to put some thoughts into this, but as a beginner without much practical knowledge in fully modular synthesis, I probably have made odd choices. I’m really looking forward to your comments! Thanks!