Wow, that's already A LOT to work with. Thanks so much!

I have yet to digest everything and will take some time to do that but a few quick thoughts/takeaways:

@Zacksname: Your comments on the VCAs have cleared things up for me a lot. Thanks! Also, I've been thinking about quantization and wasn't sure how to prioritise it. But having read your post I think workflow-wise it sounds like an interesting path for me. I'm familiar with the concept but somehow it slid in and out of my priorities over the past couple of weeks. But it makes total sense.

@JimHowell70: On my way to the tattoo studio already, haha ... people are talking about your signature on the streets. I think my next step will be to take a deeper dive into utilities - and then probably start with some modulation + utilities on the Moogs before expanding the setup to be its own thing. I guess that could be a good strategy? Case wise: I agree on the Rackbrute looking hideous ... will have a closer look on TipTop Audio (but psst... I think they are looking even worse, but as you said: Who cares in the end).

@VONDENFUNKEN: There are some very interesting recommendations module wise, thank you - and you're right, I probably don't want to bury all my budget at once but use what I already have to get a better understanding of a couple of extra modulation + utilities first. But I kinda want to set an intermediate goal for a system to figure out where I want to start - if that makes any sense. You're suggestions for a little pod for the moogs helps a lot with this.

Alright, time to dig a little deeper ...