mother 32: random pattern on major scale
vcf out to lemon drop in (vessels preset)
ext audio to vco 1 sub1 out.

seq1 step 1: 1,25, step 2: 1.25, step 3: 2.0, step4: 1,5.
seq2 step 1.:0, step 2: 0.5, step 3: 1, step 3: 1, step 4: 3.
vco1: -3, vco 2: 2

starts with mother32
then lemondrop and dfam subharmonicon.
slow tempo:1 trigger to adv clock.

mix vco to noise (vco1sub1)
increase of cutoff subharmonicon
increase of lemondrop prsence
increase cutoff mother32
play with MIX.

trigger (subharmonicon) switch to clock ---- straight tempo
play with tempo knob
increase tempo till middle
increase dfam cutoff to 0, noise to 0.
increase cutoff, vcf mother
decrease rapidly the tempo back to previous and the noise around to have a clean sound.

drums ends
only subharmonicon and lemon drop
end as it started slowly fading out in drone mode kb+step+4 + lemondrop