Updated the rig now includes the bottom 3U sequencing Skiff, also missing is the Nord Drum 2, and Eventide H9 but that is pretty much it :-)

Here is a recent live modular show recorded with this 12U eurorack setup, at the Mutek Festival. Enjoy!

@RLK, thanks that is awesome

@sunfalls I am using three MI Braids that have the new built in VCA mode/AD setting 1.8, plus I use the Makenoise Optomix for creating pluck like percussion sounds. I just recently took out one of the MN Optomixes and replaced them with 3 of the new SSF/WMD MMF filters that have a ping input, which sort of emulates a low pass gate, which also works great for percussive type sounds.

Sonic State does a feature on this particular setup:

Additional videos of performances with this 12U case:

Link to one of my first recordings with this new system here on vimeo:


Recording of my piece called "Creature" Part II for MakeNoise Records, which was recorded with this system using only the MakeNoise modules.