Since we do not have a feedback/rating system for sellers and buyers on the marketplace yet you can use this thread to name the people you did good business with.
If you prepend an @ to a username, a link to the persons profile page will be generated.
The thread is searchable so it should be easy to find users with a good reputation over time.

We now have a simple user rating system!
On every users profile page you can vote up or down your experience with a user.
You just vote the user one time in general, no single transactions. It does not matter if you are the seller or buyer.
The accumulated votes will be displayed on offers and in the user profile.
You can always revoke your vote by clicking again on the thumb button.

To get started feel free to rate users you had transactions with in the past.

Beep, Bopp, Bleep:

Let me start by thanking @MarsFace for blazing fast shipping an excellent shaped TipTop Bd808.

I sold a Seq8 kit to @Dominikeddie. He asked to hold, and transferred within the agreed time. :)
I would hold another module for him.

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

I just bought a Seq8 kit from @bj_gzp and everything went great. quick delivery. friendly communication.

I just received a Cloq modue from @MarsFace. Straight forward transaction and ultra fast dispatch!
A pleasure to buy from him :)

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

I just received the Mutable Instruments Links from @bj_gzp, It was quick and easy treatment, thanks. :) it was a pleasure!!

a fine experience with @grieve for a Mysteron

I had some smooth transactions and nice module chat buying from @Nomodulus and selling to @Heren, @ghee hgt, @polnochkoshka and @nnop

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

@bj_gzp sells and ships nice and fast

Well I can't remember all the people I sold modules, but if they see this post they can talk about their experience which I think was 100% trustable, fast and nice :) (please pronounce yourselves :P)

Edit: found them! @aze_007 @StefanoSansano were all good buyers, paid right away and nice!

I recently purchased a module from @bj_gzp, who was efficient and pleasant to deal with. The module was shipped very promptly and he even checked in on the shipping to make sure I received the module in good order. I would happily trade with bj-gzp again.

@grieve Thanks for a ultra smooth and friendly trans-atlantical transaction.

Item was superbly packaged and in mint condition.


Very quick and easy sale
@Liquidyzer Thanks!

I have to thank @grieve for the lightning quick shipment and safe packing of the MA808 module that I am stoked to add on to my drumdokta2 for some extra sizzle on 16th notes of techno mayhem, nice price too = oh yeah!

Just sold Pressure points & Brains to @Jyrki who was a pleasure to deal with. The modules are going out to him before the end of the week.

@chiavere, thanks for the quick and easy shipment of the uFold II- great module!

I received a very nice Pamela's Workout from @grieve yesterday. A very polite and pleasurable transaction sir. Would definitely do business with again! :-)

@grieve - great trade/communication and really really fast shipping on a Vectr

@poten - likewise great trade, communication, and shipping on a uLFO

A few days ago I got a Phonogene from @dropthedyle for a nice price. And he's a nice communicator as well!
Oh yeah, almost forgot about the sturdy packaging and very fast shipment : )

@grieve - all excellent: items, communication, packing, shipping time, etc.
would definitely buy from him again.

@Smugrik - Bought from him Make Noise MMG, all went smoothly. Thanks!

Had a really excellent transaction with @grieve, his DubJR Delay module is wonderful. Would buy again.

Good business with @heren for a Doepfer A140

I had an excellent transaction buying 2 bastl modules from @7C!
Supper fast shipping, good packaging and great communication.

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

I did an excellent trade with @heren last week, no money involved, just sending modules to each other.
Nice communication! Thanks again!

Very happy with my Korgasmatron purchase from @0netwo0netwo - he was very fast with both messaging and shipping (internationally!) and the parcel was well-sealed. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again.

@yo! traded his Intellijel Mutagen for my MFB SEQ3 1 for 1 and the transaction was perfect !

I took a Dual ADSR from @lenni ,nice communication and fast dispatching! But i was unlucky with the DHL delivery dude, who didn't do his job and just set status to refused without seeing me. With the strikes in Germany it took a month for the parcel to return to sender. He followed this up to the end and even used a different service for the second shipment.

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

Another +1 for @grieve , packed as new, with bonus and nice karma. quick transaction.

A big thanks to @bentoncbainbridge for sending a Stillson Hammer to the Netherlands!

Had a fabulous transaction with both @A.S. and @AThousandDetails. Extremely fast shipment and all was packed and received very well.
Thanks, guys!

I bought Sound Machines LP1 Lightplane from @bj_gzp , super fast reply and shipment! Packed really well and module was like new. I recommend doing business with him. I know I will. Thanks!

Just received a nice MN Renè from @Nomodulus. Super smooth transaction. Thank you!

Just tested the Octature 2 filter I bought from @tritata : great seller !
a few hours after payment, I had the parcel's tracking number.
Two extra cables given with the module : very kind !

Well I can't remember all the people I sold modules, but if they see this post they can talk about their experience which I think was 100% trustable, fast and nice :) (please pronounce yourselves :P)

Edit: found them! @aze_007 @StefanoSansano were all good buyers, paid right away and nice!
-- AThousandDetails

Thank you @AThousandDetails for the fast shipping. Great Seller!

@brainalien great seller, fast shipping, all well taken care off! Trusty guy :) Thank you mate!

@modezart send me a very well packaged Drum Dokta. Nice communication, all good! : ) Cheers!

I bought a PEG from GRIEVE and i am really pleased with this deal. Jeremy was very helpful, the PEG is like new, packed in its original box and delivery accross the ocean took less than a week. thank you Jeremy and if i had the money, i'd be buying more items from you.

Nice deal with @Max_Million

this user has left ModularGrid

happy dealing with @helloitsmeagain - bought a discontinued Blue Lantern CMOS Party logic module, very useful little gem in my setup.

Mint Pressure Points from @tritata. Anytime again :-)
@box78: well suited Piston Honda incl ROMs.
Wonderful Metropolis from @psantoni.
@St john sent got a very nice Quantimator.
Lots of mint stuff coming from @dogma: Dual Borg, Qu-Bit Nebulae and Tri-ger, Make Noise Telharmonic.
@mheumann sold RT60.
@Nomodulus offered Sputnik 6 Channel in very good shape.
Nice Optodist from @Heren.
@psicopaticofilo sold a Panther ED701 miniScope, arrived very fast in good cosmetic shape.
Bought a nice DS-M from @Phwb.
A very nice Make Noise DPO and Malekko Noise Ring from @vytis, packed super safe, sent fast. And the price always is killer!
@thisisprisma sold a Mutable Tides.
@sambal sent a good working LP1lightplane.
@WilleZurMacht sold a nice Wogglebug II.
@tobi sent a Springray incl. two tanks.
Got a QCD from @Llouwelyn.
@ranzen sold me the Braids I was looking for.
@RKW sent HATS909 in good condition.
Got a Jupiterstorm from @airfrankenstein.

Good sellers:

A Wogglebug from @nuuttipukki
A Stillson Hammer from @jandybala
An Ultra Wave from @teethgrinder
A Z3000 from @AThousandDetails
A Pressure Points with Brains from @allert
A Dronebank and another Z3000 from @OurMod
A few Make Noise modules from @altemark

I had another smooth transaction involving an Edges with @Heren. All good! : )

@penrose_riots is a great seller! Super quick, very polite and totally trustable! Had the best package (looked like a bomb) ever!

@mexicane sells good stuff and ships pretty fast

Bought Level Fixit from @robbert. Good seller. Recommended.

@AThousandDetails great seller and nice contact and pretty fast shipping. For sure again!


Great seller, fast shipping and most importantly honest guy. Will buy from again.

Thank you!

Thanks @SoundRay! Good seller.

thanks to @nnop for the pgm mixer. Quick delivery, well packed and mint condition!