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B2500 Double GoEurorack
B2500 114EurorackPrivate
My beautiful EurorackEurorack
My Wants EurorackEurorack
live seq 2022Eurorack
The CaseEurorack
My B EurorackEurorack
live mix sep 2022Eurorack
My attempt at 2500EurorackPrivate
My pretty EurorackEurorack
New AllEurorack
live mix (row per bussboard)Eurorack
live seq (last two rows are bench)Eurorack
live mix (last row is bench)Eurorack
6u 140 (copy)Eurorack
the calendar box (copy)Eurorack
the un usedEurorack
3u 42Eurorack
the calendar boxEurorack
My trusty EurorackEurorack
the semimod boxesEurorack
the build queueEurorack
My Live EurorackEurorackPrivate
poly stuff I wantEurorackPrivate

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Collection 160 modules

Outs, A-106-5 SEM, A-114, A-132-4, A-136, A-142-4, A-143-3, A-148, A-182-1, A-185-2, Z4000 VC-EG, A-199, 4x4x4, AT-AT-AT, monotron-E, A-151, 5HP blank, Grids, Links, Branches, Mult, 4HP Power Panel Assembly, 6hp Blank, modDemix 2014, Penrose Quantizer, Sinc Iter, KRS1972's Korg Monotron panel, A-180-3, A-124 SE, Sampling modulator, VC Slew Limiter , P.O.C.A. VAC1, Kinks, Mal-2, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Pico DSP, Pamela's NEW Workout, Mult, 2xVCX, Minimix, ES-3 mk4, ES-6 mk2, Z8000, Brst, INamp, Chord Organ, Model D, Mikrophonie (2017 new panel design), Clep Diaz, Descent, Dual VCA, Delay (Black Panel), Comb (Black Panel), DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, Neutron, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), Pulses Mk II (Black), Volts (Black), Pluck (Black Panel), SYSTEM 100 173 QUAD SIGNAL GATE/ PATCH BAY, Lil‘ Erebus, tanh[3], Crush Delay v3, QPAS, Grain, Milky Way (black), Percall, A-138i, A-138n, K-2, Antiphon, Nostalgia, Diode Chaos, ADDAC104, FILThy, ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster, ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks, Performance Mixer (black), Arpitecht (black panel), Trigger Riot (BLACK), ORX, Golden Master (black), Stoicheia Black, VC F3DB, Dysphonia, Triad (Black Panel), Passive Multiple, Fracture (Black), Kraken, Tides, LL8, Portland, Kompas, dupe, PM Channels (Black), Voltages , Quantizer, ADDAC306 , Simple Gates, Filther, Manis Iteritas, Jumble Henge, VOLTERA, Metron (Black), VG2, BMC021 Dual Full Wave Rectifier, Selam, ASR Envelope , Rotating Clock Divider V2, RCD Breakout v1.1, Entropy Expander, Dual VCO, Entropy2, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier v2 (Black Panel), 1027 Clocked Sequential Control Module, Modamp Module 1005, QARV, Tausend dB, 1050, Meg, CRATER, Chimera (Black), Crucible, Cursus Iteritas, Verb (Black Panel), 4tten, Numeric Repetitor, A-148v, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), Noise v8, VnIcursal VCA (Classic Panel), Utopia, Dystopia, Euphoria, Dysmetria, Little Melody, multimode filter / resonator 1047, OSCILLATOR MODULE 1004, Filtamp Module 1006, Monotropa v3, Vortices, V-CV , AXXENT, Zularic Repetitor (Black), Listen IO, SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER 960, Bard Quartet, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, SYSTEM 100 297, Dual Noise/Random Generator 1016, 1036, Dual Envelope Generator 1033, Tempograf, High Towers, Marsupial, Macropod, Lux, Triad, Sly Grogan and Reset Simulation
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