8 HP
50 mm deep
Current Draw
148 mA +12V
18 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$239 Price in €

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ADAT Lightpipe to DC coupled outputs interface (DAC)

ES-3 converts eight channels of ADAT Lightpipe input to DC coupled outputs on 3.5mm jacks, for the ultimate convenience in connection of a DAW directly to analogue synthesizers.

The outputs can be used as control voltages (CVs), for example with software such as Expert Sleepers Silent Way , and can also be used as audio outputs at high, modular synth-compatible levels.

With the ES-3, a single optical cable is all that is need to bring direct CV control from your DAW right into the heart of a modular system.

  • Digital input connection: optical, ADAT Lightpipe standard
  • Analog outputs: 8x 3.5mm jacks, DC-coupled
  • D/A conversion: 24 bit, 113dB SNR typical
  • Maximum output voltage: approximately ±10V DC
  • Indicators: LED for ADAT clock sync; illuminated sockets indicate output voltage (+ve/-ve)

The ES-3 produces 8 outputs as normal when the ADAT interface is operated at 44.1/48kHz. In double speed mode (88.2/96kHz), the ES-3 outputs 4 channels, duplicated across pairs of outputs (ES-3 outputs 1/2 carry ADAT channel 1, outputs 3/4 carry ADAT channel 2 etc.). However, users of Silent Way software can take advantage of the Silent Way SMUX plug-in to interleave CVs on the 96kHz stream, restoring the number of usable CV outputs to 8.

Expansion: ES-5 (1 stereo channel to 8 gate/clock/sync/MIDI outs)
CV Input interface (ADC)


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