Only just signed up and can’t create new posts but looking for advise myself as also new to eurorack.

I have an original ARP2600 and want to get an expert sleepers FH-2 to send CV to it from my DAW.
I do all of my sequencing in Logic and can use the likes of the Expert sleepers / Logic Midi Fx plugins and Cableguys plugins etc to have fun.

Thing is, I believe need a small eurorack just to be able to power up and use an FH-2.
What’s the smallest / cheapest little rack I can buy that would be suitable for an FH-2?
I may add an another module later on if there is space on the rack, but it’s mainly for the FH-2.

I just saw a Doepfer A-100 MC which looks nice and cheap but decent for what I need