Thanks Lugia and Cangore for the suggested systems!

I think I got a better understanding of what I really need and what I could probably skip.

I'm probably gonna go with marbles and beads for my next modules followed by another modulation source and VCAs. I'm also starting to consider a disting mk4 or the disting ex to get some more flexibility.

Thanks again for the massive help everyone!

Thanks for the fast replies!

Yeah I wasn't really sure if the quantizer is really needed or not. Also, would it make sense to get marbles and the ornament & crime? They could both be used to generate random sequenzes in kind of a similar matter from what I understood.

I am also not sure about pams. Would I really need a master clock or are there other functions it has that make it so attractive?

Hello Everyone!

I'm fairly new to the world of modular and need your advice for the generative ambient rack I want to build. This is my current setup:

ModularGrid Rack

The modules on the upper row are the ones I already own and the ones on the bottom row are modules I was thinking might be worth getting.

So far I used the A-190 to send a random sequence from ableton into the rack and some FXs Plug-Ins to make up for the current lack of Reverb, etc. in my system.

I definetly want to have at least two voices, but I am not entirely sure if I want to be able to use chords or not and if I do, then I'm not sure about the options i got. I also really love the sound of granular textures so I am planning to get either the Monsoon or Beads. I also found the Arbhar from Intstruo, but I'm not entirely sure if it would be worth getting considering the price difference compared to the other granular processors.

The only real restrictions I have are the size of the case and the power supply, which can do a max of 2800mA on +12V and 500mA on -12V. Modules that are kinda heavy on the -12V side are maybe not an option because of that.

I really need some suggestions and recommendations for generative ambient essentials, modules and maybe even some patch ideas! If you can recommend another forum thread that already talked about this topic that would also be great!

Thanks in advance!