Hello, Stefano! KAIROS has completely independent outputs. Regardless of which output mode you choose, it will still be free. However, you can link different outputs to make them work together, such as CV note and gate.

A big batch of Magerit METRO is available! We celebrate it by releasing the new v2.6.0 firmware version. There are great changes and improvements:

  • Accurate external clock sync
  • More FX parameters: Delay and Reverb amount
  • UI changes and cleaner design
  • Less RAM consume and much better performance
  • And much more! Take a look to the user manual (English and Spanish):

  • There is a secret Easter egg. The first 10 people who find it will receive a 20€ coupon for our store!

Now available! See the new Magerit CANAL, a continuous variable state filter of 2 & 4 poles. It could be a large definition of this new VCF, but here we will explain why and what makes this module an unique filter.