Thread: BIA 303

This is a 48hp build for my 4ms pod, featuring a faithful clone of the TB-303 sequencer by Michigan Synth Works. This is a cool build because it brings the 303 workflow into the eurorack format, allowing a mix-and-match with various synth voices and filters. I added a Pam's in here because it's a versatile clock and modulation source, which will work well in this very focused rack.

I chose the Basimilus Iteritas Alia because it can hot-swap firmware between the other Alia platform modules, which means this voice can be changed to the Manis, Cursus, Ataraxic, Debel by swapping the firmware. The Roucha Legio filter also has similar hotswap capability with other Legio platform modules.

This rack is small, focused, and extremely versatile.

I've also added a couple of WMD Soft Start modules that I am planning to attach to the Ghost (130 mA on -12v) and Super Critical Neutron Flux (120 mA on -12v, 150 mA on +12v). These two modules could be contentious on startup with the two tube modules, the M/277 and Mimosa, which will require a surge at startup.

Unfortunately the WMD Soft Start does not support mA over 500, so it cannot be used to soft start the M/277. I may move the soft starts around the case to see what works best when they arrive, since this case could have power draw issues.

Thread: Skiff

I have this setup with a 4ms 40hp powered skiff. It works great for sequencing drum machines outside the eurorack format using a converter box or 3.5mm to 1/4in cables. I pair this with my Pulsar 23 and it's great.

This was a tricky, end-of-chain build because there aren't many 104hp cases that offer the module depth and power draw that's required to satisfy the inclusion of a Trogtronic m/277, which eats up a whopping 760 mA on startup for the first 10 seconds once the rack is turned on and has a 58mm module depth (quite a hefty addition).

To make this work, you'll need something on-par or better than the Eowave 3U Skiff 104HP, which offers 60mm module depth over 99HP of the case (40cm over the power bus), 1500 mA on +12v and 1000 mA on -12v, with 500 mA on +5v when using a 4a PSU.