Agreed that Morphagene is too big for a small case

There's a ton of videos on YouTube with experts creating nice small systems using the Palette case. It's much more difficult than it looks!

Everyone should get Pam's eventually, but since you already have uO_C it might be better to go with 1u Steppy until you get a bigger case

Here's my suggestions for good compliments to uO_C and Plaits:
1u Steppy for gate sequencing
vpme Quad Drum or Erica Synths Sample Drum
Ghost or FX Aid
Delta V or Maths for envelope generation
-- 33PO

I was so set on the morphagene but... The hard truth is you guys are totally right. Is there anything that does similar audio mangling but doesn't take up quite so much space?

Steppy looks amazing; I glanced at it a couple times but didn't realize how much it's really capable of. Gonna check out these other suggestions next, thank you so much for your help!

I think the morphagene is a bit big for the space. Add some tiptop drums, more mixer stuff, switched mult, you're gonna need an envelope generator, maybe a pico voice.
-- discolor-inkstand

Wow the pico voice is wild for how small it is! What would a switched mult do that the palette's built in mult can't? Or is it just good to have multiple multipliers?

Hello! I finally took the plunge and bought a used palette case off craigslist. It came with uO_C, plaits and some 1U utilities (stereo line-in, dual vca and headphone out).

Where should I go from here? I am trying to build a do-it-all studio tool that can make nice atmospheres, quantize bleeps/drums/loops, and process incoming audio. I figure that's probably a pretty ambitious plan given the limited space I'm working with, but am unsure if there's a secret way to get all these things into 1 tiny package.

I've thought of adding Pams and morphagene, but beyond that I'm lost.

I'd love to get some expert opinions before I start making decisions. Thanks so much!