For those fortunate enough to have more than one Eurorack case/system: How do you go about organizing them?

I recently added another case to accomodate my growing collection of modules. I know I could splurge on a monster case to accomodate everything but for some reason the large price tag always seem's daunting. Even though I know logically it's a fraction of what I've spent on my whole system My silly brain gets scared by too many digits. LOL
Typically I have organized my cases into functions. For example: A Subtractive Synth Rack, Drum rack, and Sequencer/Control rack, Mixing & effects rack. I just got a new case and while planning it out on here I thought, "is there a better way?"
So I come to y'all for your wisdom!
Is it silly to have all your sequencing in a seperate rack from your synth voices? Is it more fun to have each case be its own standalone instrument? I have recently had to travel a lot... maybe having multiple standalone systems would be more managable. Instead of lugging around 3 cases just to get a jam going, is grabbing one and seeing what can be squeezed out of it better? Or is it more advantagious to have everything set up and ready to go in the studio?
What do you think? What works for you?