Made a demo

Found about about this amazing feature recently:

Found about about this amazing feature recently:

Made a demo:

Is there a way to create repeating random stepped voltages just like the voltage block?

Thread: WMD Kraken

Did a demo since there wasn't really one on YT

Looks great!

More gritty stuff

You should also check out Tl3ss. He's my main inspiration and really an incredible artist

Backbone of my rack

this is one of the better outcomes of Waver that i have heard. i picked one up myself feeling really excited over the idea of it, but i’ll admit to not really gelling with it yet. haven’t given up on it, but i don’t feel that i ever really love what i am able to get out of it so far.

any advice? tips?
-- bigham

Try Feedback. Try inputting modulation instead of sound in A IN and C IN

The fact that they advise writing with a permanent marker is just stupid imo. Make it so i can erase and write again no?

Waver is a SUPER undervalued module.

Do you have any videos of this? Super curious to hear some stuff.

Some demos I made:

It can sound great as a voice too! Here's a demo

Did some demos