Jim, thank you. I'm all about the utilities! Just trying to figure out which ones.
Samara II seems to be out everywhere. Samara the original, none available on Reverb.
If I were to get Samara, would that mean getting rid of Miso or Utopia, or both? Or keeping all three?
Kinks looks great Im sold.
I have 2 uZeus withe the stock wall-warts, so I think Im good for this 6u 84 hp, though of course its only 80 hp for each row withy the power headers there.
I'm listening via an audio interface, Behringer 1820. It has a pad on each line level input, so good for attenuating hot euro signal.
Not sure about sequencing. I think I'm mostly interested in "old" ways of doing things (i.e. shift registers and logic and such).
Definitely interested in more West Coast type ways of working, from what I understand. Not necessarily bongos, but definitley creating rhythms through modulated modulation. That is to say, I'm interested both in the sound design potential of modular, but also the sequencing. Also: the west pest has a simple sequencer, and my DSI pro 2 has an analog 16 or 32 step sequencer, with pitch+gate+3 additional CV's out.

Interested in modular for a long time but I always steered clear. Then in February I bought a DSI Pro 2 (which has CV in and out),
so I thought I'd buy one of those West Pests to have a wave folded analog extra oscillator to run into the Pro 2. Then a week later I visited my friend who gave me 2 Happy Ending kits. Later that week, I bought 6 fairly random modules (the cheapest ones!) from a local music shop. I had those until yesterday when I went a little crazy and bought a Rubicon, STO, uFold, uVCA, and Quadrax on Reverb. Those are in the mail today. So, heres what I will have by the end of the week. The West Pest can of course come out of the rack, and will Im sure. Just more convenient for it to live there now until I need the space.
So: opinions on what I need. This is all in a desktop 19" rack with HE kits. I could add another set of rails and go up to 9U, but thats as far as I want to go within the next year for budget reasons. I really don't like the Dreadbox modules; too tight, trimmers, etc..
So I think I'm actually interested in BIG modules, or well spaced out ones, not maximizing per-HP return.

ModularGrid Rack