I got a chance to get on the river yesterday, but the conditions were far too dangerous for fishing. I used a little of my latest patch in the video: "The Barge." This was recorded using an AE Modular Starter 2.

Hi Funbun,

Wow! You barely got your AE Modular Starter 2 synth and you produce already your first video with guiding music, nice! Beautiful river, but I think I mentioned that already :-)

You managed your music nice subtle yet impressive! One little feedback though (or was this just me?): I only heard your music on the right stereo channel, I don't think it was audible on the left channel, that makes my left ear missing something. Perhaps for your next video you can take care of both of my ears? :-D

Keep the nice work up and thanks a lot in advance for your next video/music, I barely can wait!

Kind regards, Garfield.

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Yeah, I'm having trouble with the mix. I plan to buy a mixer. My Tascam DR-40 is doing some funky things. I eventually had to run it in MS decoder mode to get both channel running anything at all. I bought the stereo out module and well other module, but they won't be in for a while. Also I plan to buy a Yamaha MS06X mixer. Bewteen the new modules and the new mixer, it should make it up to par on the sound.

I just received two 3.5mm jack to XLR cable to run into the Tascam, but somehow the level drop. Hopefully a preamp on the Yamaha mixer will fix much of this whenever I get it in.

I plan to save my patches and record them later this year for an album on BandCamp. For now I'll just patch, tweak, refine and advance until I get it sounds exactly the way I want. That's how my videos go to where they are.

I'd have to disagree about the MG06X here...it has effects, and as a rule you're better off using higher-quality outboard effects or doing your processing in your DAW. Also, it's missing the big draw for the Yamaha mixers: the one-knob compressor. Normally, these are useless for music...but for voiceover, now, that's different. You'll want your voice levels to stay in place against your background...and while the real device needed here is a ducker, compression on the voiceover goes some of the way to fixing your mix. Instead of the MG06X, I'd suggest the MG10...it doesn't have the onboard effects, but like I said, you're better off using something else, plus great rack processors are dimes on the dollar right now on the used market. And the '10 DOES have the compressors on two inputs for voiceovers, plus it's only $40 more than the 06.

Now, how to implement this...step one, get a decent ducker. Again, cheap rackmount stuff on the likes of Reverb or eBay are your best bets here, and something like a Symetrix 522 would run you $100-125. You'd sidechain this from your AUX off of the mic ins, and this would be able to lower your music bed if you run it through the ducker before the mixer. Perfect voiceovers! Then, if you want to add a bit more dynamic control, you could send your stereo output through a second stereo comp/limiter and smooth out the dynamics further, which also works nicely to keep your sound for picture nice and hot while not getting too punchy.

Thx, Lugia! I'll keep a look out on eBay for one of those.

Np...feel free to PM me if you'd like a little assist in the search. After all, I just dropped a huge 48-frame Soundcraft into my own studio back in January, and that sucker only ran me $750 + whatever it took to transport and move it from Indy to here.