I just purchased a Frap Uno case (Yay!), but there aren't enough power jacks provided in each row to accommodate my modules.

The Uno case provides 3.75 Amps. (All of the modules that I'll be putting in this case are less than 2.5 Amps total)

Do I simply add a flying bus cable with additional outlets onto the end outlet of each row? If so, are there any precautions I need to take? Will I be loading all of the additional power through one outlet, and would this cause problems? Or does the circuitry function in a way that I don't understand? (common sense says don't plug your household power strips into fully-loaded power strips just so you can power more things!)

Its fine to just daisy chain a flying bus cable, as long as the power supply can provide enough amps, and the it won't be a problem (the same goes for AC power strips, although if ur already using up the power, obviously you can't magically get more by adding another) I reckon it might be better to install a passive bus board, I just looked in the manual and theres mounting holes for a few different manufacturers' bus boards. They're still pretty cheap, and lots of people prefer them for noise/convenience reasons, it's a bit nicer to plug modules into a fixed port than one thats dangling on another cable. But yeah daisy chaining them is fine and won't cause any serious issues

Thanks reidv, I wasn't super clear. Yeah I'll just be daisy chaining a flying bus cable onto the existing ones in each row. My consumption is about 2500 and there is 3.75 amps available, so as long as the daisy chaining itself doesn't cause a problem, I think I'll be ok because there's more than enough power available.

The case is 3 rows of 126 hp, but only provides 12 outlets (per flying bus cable) per row, and each module would have to average over 10 hp to fill that, which doesn't seem right. So I kinda think this is what you're supposed to do...

I did exactly this with my Make Noise Powered Skiff and it worked fine.