Since Eurorack seems to get more popular, every month new manufacturers enter the market.

Some of them come up with amazing new designs. But many manufacturers just get their prototype working and never manage to turn it into a working product which people can actually buy.

Because all those Vaporware manufacturers would clutter up the database, we moderate the entries.
You cannot buy into the list.

the policy for a manufacturer listing on MG

Users must be able to buy your module and get it delivered now, not soon.

  • ideally you have at least 3 modules to sell in a store
  • or have ONE everybody talks about
  • no listing for manufacturers who produce designed blank panels only
  • no listing for manufacturers who produce Mutable Instruments clones only
  • no listing for manufacturers who produce mults only or other very basic designs

We have always the right to deny the entry.

new product launch

For technical reasons we cannot add a manufacturer to the list without having a module attached.
You have to upload the module always as “other/unknown” first.
If you check it as “unlisted” the module wont show up in other people browsers.
So you can prepare the module page shortly before you announce it.
You can upload an “enigma” photo if you are suspicious and do not want the image to leak.

Send us a private message.

Beep, Bopp, Bleep:

How do you get a store listed as "these sellers may have this module"?

How long can one expect to wait to get their company listed in manufacturers list? I have sent 2 PM's (to two different accounts) with the request.

I have modules in Eurorack up here already, but am not listed in "Serge" format.


_Logan Erickson
Low-Gain Electronics

Can we get Nervous Squirrel added as a manufacturer in the drop-down list? They've got three modules available in MG now.

Please add S3n0Я to the list of manufacturers. There are 19 modules of theirs already on ModularGrid, all still under "other/unknown". Thanks in advance.