Using the planner should be self-explanatory. Just some things to point out which might be not obvious:

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to edit your rack.
First you have to hover with your mouse over a module until the info icon appears.
This activates Module Select Mode.

  • Cursor: cycle through module selection
  • d: duplicate module
  • DEL: delete module
  • ENTER: enter Module Move Mode
  • ESC: leave keyboard mode and hide edit buttons
  • c: copy
  • v: paste
  • x: cut.
    You can copy/paste in different browser windows!

In Module Move Mode:

  • Cursor: move module
  • ESC: Cancel module move, back to Module Select Mode
  • ENTER: drop module on new position

Power Ratings

The power consumption per rack is calculated by the values users add to the module data.
Those ratings are error prone. Don't rely exclusively on the values when choosing your power supply! Always check manufactures specs from the manuals.

Hide Price Display

You can disable the display of your accumulated rack prices in the user settings.

I see no link to edit or upload modules

If you can not edit modules or reply to discussions or threads in this forum you most likely missed to click on the link on the confirmation email you received when you registered to MG. Probably this email is hiding somewhere in your spam folder.
You can request this confirmation email again in your user settings.

I can not write replies to discussions or threads!

See above


  • You can zoom in and out with your standard browser zoom function.

Beep, Bopp, Bleep: