The idea is to get as much punch and groove out of a small box. Obviously kick/snare/clap and hats, but also looking to get sub and bass out of it with Trigger Riot as its beating heart.

As suggested, added the Uscale and a multiplier

Suggestions and critique please.


What about mixing it all?

I intend to mix this through a mixer. Each 'voice' goes into its own channel. I'm still pondering whether to get a dedicated line-out but as it seems running a cable (3.5mm to 1/4 jack) from each module to the mixer should work fine.

What do you think?

where would that control voltage to drive the pitch of that vco come from?
u sure you have enough cv to drive modulations? (+ attenuators to be able to dial it in?)
you sure you never want to sequence your drums with midi?

if i would build a drumrack i would do it something like this: ModularGrid Rack

I've added the Intellijel Uscale to controle the VCO and a multiplier for good measure. The delay isn't strictly necessary because of the mixer's onboard effects, so that would give me another 4HP for something I might have overlooked.

I don't need MIDI because I want to move away from laptops/software. The idea is to separate every audiostream from eachother as much as possible and patch those into an analogue 16-channel mixer and have a palet of sound available to me to mix into something coherent.

Mixing, attenuation and effects would all be done on the mixer, which means that I need to keep the signal flow as tight as possible: the smallest package that will give me the most flexibility.

It's but a concept though. Can you think of any reason this is a silly idea?

that first rack totally is fine and easily functional with something like a SQ-1 for the VCO work!
mixing on a small mixer is easy enough Ive had fun doing the same on an old BX-8, a CR-1604 also a few others. can be hard to get the gain down enough to not always have distorted drums sometimes.

Thanks for your input! I've switched the Uscale2 with the first edition and added a double multiplier.

The SQ-1 is an external device and I really want to keep the system as simple as possible, e.i. just the rack and a mixer.

For example the Soundcraft EF12 is an analogue mixer with Lexicon effects and 12 mono inputs, which should be enough to create a coherent, musical, mix. So I actually don't even really need the delay module, but I'll leave it in for now.

This drum rack is going to be a unit in a bigger system which may have dedicated line-outs for each voice, with a maximum of 12 voices, but I'm still not sure if that's feasable or necessary.

At least now I have a proper starting point. If you have any tips or suggestions, I'm all ears!