hello i am confused. my current modular, brand new assembly, does not start. there is some kind of power issue. however when looking at consumption it shoulds be fine, do you guys have any clue why? This Doepfer handles 1200 mA, in 3 rows of 400 I presume. Each row stays below 400mA. Actually even when leaving only the 3 Moogs and unplugging the rest, that thing wont start.

any clue is welcome thanks.

Do all the modules work if connected by themselves? Also, a lot of power supplies have overcurrent protection and will shut themselves down to protect your equipment if too much amperage is drawn. It's possible you could have a power supply that doesn't match it's published ratings or a module drawing more power than the spec. Have you tried starting with just one module and adding the others back one at a time?

Is everything connected properly?