After several years recording modular music, we finally decided to upload some music online.

This is a modular duo, improvised music, straight into the recorder with no editing.

Our music is probably a bit raw, sometimes in noise territory, and clearly into sound design too.
It is not for everyone but I guess that some of you around will enjoy some of it.

Happy patching everyone!

Just uploaded another session. This one is very cinematic.


We uploaded a new session :


This one is a monolithic journey through the darker side of Ransac.

Our music often doesn't fit in short clips, so I simply left it as a one hour block.
Overall smooth, it will fit for a relaxing moment (provided you enjoy noisy soundscapes though!).

Great stuff! I actually do find it relaxing...

We uploaded another session on our soundcloud.

This is about an hour long. This one has some wild and epic vibe.

And yeah, I suck at keys, but it was real fun

And we just posted a new session!

As usual, this is recorded straight from the modular into the computer, with no editing.

This one is a beautiful session, pretty easy listening, with many soundscapes.