2024 Studio Volx 3 168hp + RackBrute + Skiffs

Got rid of my old small rack I never used. Newly inspired and jumping to a big setup. Currently own 99% of modules but waiting on Volx cabinet. Racking and reracking in RackBrute with Knurlies at the moment to learn and play with things. I've got tons of weird sound design tools but main focus is funky techno production. Heavily percussive, minimally melodic and lots of trippy effects. Work on 1-4 mono or stereo tracks in the rack at a time with the DAW as a multi track recorder and then use the rack as automation, insert and send effects during mixdown.

Not very advanced with creative patching and CV but understand the concepts. What would you change or what would you feel was missing? How would you organize a case like this?

matrix mixer, rectifier, clock divider, lots of logic modules...pams,maths, ochd.