I've been workshopping a track on stream lately, and here it is. The interesting gear component is that I synced my modular synths with my Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Hologram Microcosm via MIDI. It is psychedelic and fun. Runs about 11 minutes:

Patch Notes

Arturia BeatStep Pro BPM 114 Project 09 Key G
Clock [out] ► Mother 32 [TEMPO]
Midi [out] ► DR-670

SEQ 1: 11-12
Pitch [out] ► Circuit Bent VCO [1v/oct]
Gate [out] ► Doepfer Dual ADSR Ch. 1 [gate]
SEQ 2: 11-15
Pitch [out] ► Plaits [V/OCT]
Gate [out] ► Doepfer Dual ADSR Ch. 2 [gate]

DR-670 Drum Machine Kit 5
Drum SEQ 1 - 4

Ibanez Roadstar II ►A/B Box
MicroKorg Vocoder ► A/B Box

A/B Box
Dyna Compressor ► Dark Matter ► Microcosm ► Afterneith ►Infinity Looper

Master Control
► BeatStep Pro
► Pigtronix Infinity Looper

Pigtronix Infinity Looper
► Zedi10 Pan C

WMD Triple Bipolar VCA
Ch. 1 [out] ► Zedi10 Pan C

Erica Synths Pico DSP
Out L ► Quad VCA Ch. 3 [in]

Ch. 1 [out] ► Plaits [MORPH cv in]

Main Out ► Milky Way Ch. 1 [in]

Out L ► WMD TBVCA Ch. 1 [in]

Circuit Bent VCO
Audio [out] ► Warps [Green in]

Mother 32
VCA [out] ► Pico DSP [in]
Gate [out] ► Stoicheia Ch. 1 [in]

Plaits Green Preset 1
Plaits [Out] ► Quad VCA Ch.2 [in]

Synthesis Technology Quad VCA
Mix Out ► Zedi10 Pan C
Ch. 2 [out] ► Wasp [Audio In]

Doepfer A-124 Wasp
LP [out] ► Clouds [L in]

Endorpin.es Milky Way
Ch.1 [out] ► Quad VCA Ch.1

Doepfer A-140-2 Dual Mini ADSR
Ch.1 [out 1] ► Quad VCA Ch.1 [cv in]
Ch.1 [out 2] ► CB VCO Effect [cv in]
Ch.2 [out 1] ► Quad VCA Ch. 2 [cv in]
Ch.2 [out 2] ► Wasp CV1 [in]

Love how it builds up!

That's some good work there, love the tasty guitar licks around 6:45ish...thanks for sharing! :)

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

That's fantastic! I do this kind of jamming in my studio all the time, but you've put together an amazing effort to coordinate everything into a true one man band song performance. I doff my chapeaux to you, FredFoxtrott!

Thanks you two! I actually got into modular as a way to accompany my guitar, but I ended up playing more synths. But it was good to bring them together again.